Could I Pull A Trailer With Four People On It With A Motorized Bicycle?

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Sep 18, 2019
Hello everyone!
This is my first time ever actually asking for assistance from others online, because usually, I can do things on my own. But this time around, it was a little different. I had to do something I wasn't familiar with at all.

What I plan on doing (yes, I do know how crazy this sounds,) is taking my Schwinn Genesis Bicycle, getting one of those motrized Bicycle kits (that can be seen everywhere on eBay), and creating a trailer with about four seats on it.

The trailer would be very sturdy (obviously), and I intend to make it out of wood with a steel frame (to reinforce the wood). There would be two seats on it, of course. After doing that math, I have made a few estimates. I believe that the trailer would weigh 250 lbs, and would have the weight capacity of 540 lbs at best, 450 lbs at worst.

My bike does have an attachment so that it can carry bike trailers.

The total weight of the passengers I will be carrying is about 470 lbs, in total, making everything I need to carry about 720 lbs.

I need you guys to tell me how I could accomplish this (ex, what kind of motor I will need, better ways for me to design the trailer, etc.)

Please refrain from leaving any replies or comments telling me about how I am crazy and should be put in a padded room for even thinking this could work.
Potentially. With all the mods listed below, it still might not work.

The first issue is whether it’s legal or not, as strange as that might sound. If you plan to ride this on a public road, I’m not so sure the cops would be happy with your contraption. If you just plan to ride on private property or on small neighborhood roads, then sure.

You would need to get a 80cc (actually 66cc) 2 stroke kit for max power. 4 stroke wouldn’t cut it. Along with the kit, you also need a 56 tooth or even 60 tooth sprocket (preferable) along with an extra chainAt that load, speed isn’t the issue, but torque is.

I hope you can fabricate a custom exhaust out of some flexible hose or else your passengers will be inhaling a ton of burnt 2 stroke oil fumes and gas. If you really want to cut it cheap, you could run some Opti 2 oil @100:1 to minimize smoke, but the guys in the trailer will still be inhaling a lot of gas smoke.

To further maximize low end torque (you’ll never reach the high RPM band with that load), get a wide-open exhaust muffler (look up 2 stroke muffler on eBay) and a high compression head, along with an BR6HIX iridium sparks plug.

If you actually decide to build this and get it to work, please post a video and some pictures on this forum!!


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Jul 2, 2018
Very old thread and its still a bad idea without trailer brakes and a reinforced/workman frame but I would look at a Trike with a 212 and a 3d manual clutch. It would do it no problem.

No 2stroke smoke, more reliable, TON more torque, and no centri clutch to burn out towing. Gear it for only 15-20mph tops.


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Aug 11, 2018
Don't let these guys tell ya No, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

with a little IMAGINATIOOOONNN :p > : )

Here is a concept photo you NO ONE STEAL MY DESIGN PAT N PENDING lol