could i put a motor on this bike?



Guest could i put a happy time on that? it would have to be a happy time cause thats all my neighbor will pay for, but if she bought this bike, it would have to go outside, so i reccomended the happytime, cause of stories ive heard about it being left out. i found a nice bike on craigs list for 30 bucks but she said (holds nose to sound annoying) i dont want it, its looks like and old style one. this looks the same to me, just looks harder to mount a happytime, im starting to think this is a pipe dream though, but i thought id ask :) thanks for the input guys.
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I can see why you say it would be hard to mount a "happy time" on that bike. On the other hand the first thing I thought was that that bike would be ideal if you wanted to try building motor mounts made with rubber the way a cars engine is held in place.
What a ride that would be!
I've seen used bikes like that go for $150 around here so that is not a bad price...I guess.
well its too late for the used one, but i think i might have a hard time convinceing her, cause she has an exuse for everything, 1st she complained about her wrists,so we didnt ride for 2 yrs (we used to ride push bikes 20 mi a day, to excersize) so i said, ride my schwinn, no wrist pressure, then she said her back hurt, so i think i might just go on rides myself, its just nice to have som one 2 talk to on long rides, OCCASIONALLY not when im p.o. and going on a ride to let off some steam... if i convinced her to get a rack mount, would it be possible to get one with a centerfigual clutch, and a pull start? cause i dont have the skills to weld a sprocket, and i would be using the stock sprocket and could i mount it to the basket without major issues?
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