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    I just purchased a sky hawk frame. I want to know what would the best gear\speed set up would be. I will only use pedals in case of emergency\breakdown) but want to make sure I can pedal this thing easy when needed. I also want to try and keep it as simple and not add an unnecessary weak points. Do I go with 3,7 speed? Does these gears only work with the pedal portion or as well as with motor? Do I also need the sickbikes shift kit? Sorry for all the questions, but want to get this right from the beginning.


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    To make it pedal easy it would be best to have a freewheel in the powered drive line so that it free spools when the motor is not running or when the clutch is pulled in. If you want to use a geared bike with your motor then you'll need to power it through your pedal axle with a free spool on the powered sprocket. If you do it this way, then you may not need a Jack shaft depending on the motor and where it's mounted.
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    Unless you're a big person and have really steep hills to contend with, a 3 speed IGH will work very well for you. The big advantage of using a 3 speed IGH is you don't have to be moving to change gears. An 8 speed cassette hub will be much stronger than a 7 speed freewheel hub. Freewheel axles are prone to bending and even breaking. A shift kit isn't going to give you an overall level ground top speed. However it will allow you to be in the most efficient gear ratio for a given condition.
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    Jerry is correct. Freewheels can be broken, I've broken two already and will soon be working on a third. Fortunately several companies are making them much stronger. Only time will tell when I've got the right one. If you watch any type of automotive racing you will see that they break down quite often. This is what happens when we balance power versus weight. Which is always the case with bicycles. I don't mind the costs but hate the time I'm losing.
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    I'm now 154 but normal weight is 170lbs. Live in South Beach Fl so absolutely no hills. :)
    What is the IGH? Brand name and can it mount to the rims I have? I ordered the 26"Luya's.
    I'm pretty much set on a 4 stroke and will do just about whatever to enhance.
    Do I have to order "wide cranks"?
    With the 3 speed IGH, can I and should I do the shift kit or jack shaft?
    Thanks again
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    Just looked it up and I assume I can't do the IGH with the Luya's rims.
    Now see its internal gear hub. If true, what are my next best options. Would like to keep the rims if possible.