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  1. super dave

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    hey guys have finished another custom lowered and stretched bike. started with a Phoenix Bike Works frame, the bike to start with is alow rider stretch set-up for gas engine. we modded the rear frame to fit the 24 x 4 1/4 fatty tire with an 80 mm wide rim, relocated the seat post and lowered it too. standard typer chopper forks with disc brakes, drag style bars and finnally a 1000 watt electric drive kit with rear disc brake. enjoy the pics.


  2. SimpleSimon

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    Beautiful bike. I like that!
  3. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    helmutt makes a pretty frame :)
    nice job on electrifying it ;)
  4. wcocc

    wcocc Guest

    is your controller and batteries in the front bag? if it is, what size batteries are you running? 36? 48 volt lipo?
    nice set up, the fluid frame is still my favorite of yours.

  5. super dave

    super dave Member

    thank you yah i will take some pic later today. you say you have a switch blade ? say here the switch was my first electric
  6. super dave

    super dave Member

    hey wcocc here is the pic of the controls set-up and yes battery is in the handle bar bag
  7. super dave

    super dave Member

    yes the fluid frame is very nice, just got the frame powder coated, the big is not too comfy on long rides but looks super cool. where are you sam.
  8. wcocc

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    I need to get a picture of my stretch nirve switchblade, other electric bikes. I was running all ice honda with belt drives, but am convinced on electrics are the way to go. I am considering converting a truck over to electric also!

  9. wcocc

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    what is the rear hub? 1000 watt by who? who makes it, I would consider a rear hub motor like yours! send me the email address of the maker? or can you get them cheaper via wholesale?

  10. super dave

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    wcocc here are pics of the switchblade


    i use the E+ eletric kit not the cheapest out there butt work extremely well and make for a very clean and simple build. this the reason i have used them.
  11. motorpsycho

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    that's a bad a$$ looking bike! i love the low drag bike stance, love the front forks, drag bars and the rear tire.
    excellent, clean work on that!
  12. Snake Bite

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    Awh Dave.. I adore what you've with this bike.. heck ya beat me to the punch, with my own bike.. all good JuJu though
    Jeesh, I am behide on the E Bike, yet am doing one.. I did Modifiy the standard Bike frame kit, so as to except 3" tires if powered by gas with belt drive. or the 4.25 tires as you've done with this E-Motor, still retaining the passage through the frame rails for Cables, and wiring.. We have a Bike rental Co. out of Hawaii wanting an electric version we're working on now..
    They say, they want the reliablity of the e Bike. and they plan on just having extra charged batterys. as to keep ever bike just on the road.. I do believe this wave will be the future. and hope to have something to show by fall.
    Hats Off to ya Dave.. You are never a dull moment my friend..
    DK-Helmutt Cycles

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  13. super dave

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    thanks Kramer i really like this frame set-up. this bike rides so smooth and straight !! i feel the same as you electric bikes will be a big deal in the future, just need the electric kits to come down in price. with my bike i wanted it to sit as low as i could go and the big tire is a killer look. good luck with your new project.
  14. GearNut

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    That is such a sexy looking frame! It reminds me of the Harley 45ci frames.
    I would love to put a 4-stroke kit in one of them. Yeah I know, it's not the wave of the future, but I am a petrol head as well.
    I would be very happy to go electric if I could get 50+ miles out of one between "fills" without spending a fortune on batteries, and "refill" in less than 5 minutes. :(
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  15. super dave

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    yah i agree this is the downfall with electric bikes. and i still have a gas bike, but it is nice to ride a bike that is quiet and smooth feel and very low maintaince. the electric gives you a very clean look to the build.
  16. iRide Customs

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    Love the frame, but it looks like it's uncomfortable and it would be a bear to pedal. The BB might have been better placed a little more forward.
  17. Snake Bite

    Snake Bite Member

    Forward foot pegs

    Yes.. The pedaling is a bit cramped, with the seat down so low. I have considered having an optional bolt on nub of an air dam as did this old product, I designed 11 years ago with forward foot peg mounts, Shown here in this doodled up drawing what could be .. Then use baby sized crank arms just so legally it still is technically a Bicycle... Hmmm? maybe I should do it as I planed.?? But You tell me what you think?

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  18. super dave

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    yes i agree, thr frame is normally set-up for gas motor, with the mods i have done it rides great but does not pedal well. i have also relocated the seat and lowered it. with the electric drive i don't do much pedaling.