Cyclone Board track Racer runs!

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by dmar836, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Who done the seat cover for you/ I've been watching you build this through your blog. That is you isn't it (board track racer replicablog)Do you want to fab me a tank like that? I pay pretty good.r
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  3. Mountainman

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    what kind of motor is that on that ((sweet THING)) ??
    sounds and looks good !!

  4. dmar836

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    The engine is a 12.5 HP Vanguard V-twin. Flywheel fins were turned down as well as most of the bolt heads. I'm running a Comet 40-series converter. I just can't see an 80cc sitting in there, can you?

    The seat isn't a cover - it's a seat made by a guy who has done them for 40yrs for actual BTR restorations. Not cheap but there is no other way IMO to get the right look.

    Timmy, I think "Halcyon" is peppering the forums offering to build stuff. He even PM'd me with an offer. You might try him. No offense but IMO, I doubt many would pay what it would require to build this particular tank - too many hours and more complex to build than it looks! But what isn't? Even a simple custom motorcycle tank is about $650+ if you try to price them....... and it doesn't take any less work knowing it will sit only on a bicycle frame.

    Thanks for the comments! Lot's of info(several years worth) in the blog.
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    The Vanguard twin came from a commercial riding mower? It looks great with the fan cowl removed.
  7. h0tr0d

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    I've been following your blog over the last 7 or 8 months so I know how much work and detail you put into this bike. Awesome job with visioning something and sitting down and actually creating it.
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    I also followed it on the jockey site. Nice work. Looks like fun.
  9. buzbikebklyn1

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    bored track madness (not a typo)

    Nice frame and tank fabrication...
    The engine STILL looks way to modern, but I agree that a China 80(66cc) would look even more outta place
    The downward pointing bar ends cant be practical, but its still a nice piece.
  10. dmar836

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    I'm "bored" with the BTR labels too. 99% of the time, in the MC world it's a sportster that has, at best, 70's styling or, on these sites, a rockabilly-looking cantilever frame with the bars flipped. Neither has any soul of a BTR IMO. My goal, if you find my blog, was to build a bike proportional to the real thing - to break the mold typically used on these sites. The engine wouldn't have mattered but in the spirit of originals, it had to be a twin. HP-wise, I think the power is close to many of the period(though not the Cyclone at an estimated 45HP!). I cant recall but the formulas based on HP and gearing yielded a theoretical top speed of 80+ mph. Again, not something of the 80cc world.
    Nonetheless, I have yet to hear the comment that the 80cc engines are too modern looking on a this type of site - they are the mainstay. I honestly think this engine looks no newer. Have to wonder if you would have made that comment if I had plopped the typical 80cc in there. I also have not searched for your projects so I'm not sure of your abilities. Touche'.
    Honestly(and somewhat arrogantly), if I were to spend the money on a period motor(and considered it), other compromises would not have been made in the overall design, the whole thing would have been taylored around that, and you certainly wouldn't have seen the thing posted on this site!
    BTW, what on this thing does look practical?
  11. timmyP

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    every on to thier own, but this cyclone replicais awsome and in actuality is acloser reprensentation of the real thing than any that I'veseen so far anywhere other that those that cost upwardsof $10K that are accurate repos that are being built by professional and sold at a substaintial profit.
  12. h0tr0d

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    I know that I'm jealous.

    Tell us about the handling and speed. Have you got all of the kinks worked out yet?
  13. give me vtec

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    Not really my cup of tea but I like it... must have taken a while if you fabricated everything yourself. Nice work... very curious, how fast does it go?
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  14. iRide Customs

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    Nice motorcycle! It really came together nicely.
  15. duivendyk

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    The wheels&tires look practical,but the lack of discernable brakes hardly.The original Cyclone was quite something,a 1000cc, bevel-drive OHC 45 hp V twin,good for 110 mph + and that in 1914 !. 45hp/liter is not all that shabby for present day engines.In 1916 Cyclone went bust,Too bad.I suppose the roads were not suitable for this jewel of a 'sporting' motorbike.On closer inspection there does appear to be a rear brake afterall.Recreating the engine would have been ab.fab. but not 'practical' I suppose.This engine was designed by Andrew Strand.I wonder if more is known about this great engine designer.
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  16. buzbikebklyn1

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    Ok... consider my mind changed... BUT...

    I just saw the vid of the yellow board tracker started and running...
    very nice
    i noticed that you needed to use a remote battery to start that puppy... have you finsher an on board starter system yet?
    i didnt see a muffler on it either...
    being an old briggs mechanic i could hear the exhaust valve clatter ... cool... a unique sound all its own.
    ... if you turned those dang bars right side up!
    lol... just kidding.
    Tommy M.
  17. dmar836

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    I have no intention of putting a muffler on it. I was going to hide a small glass mat battery somewhere but I haven't decided if I will fab a small box for that or not.

    I have done some repositioning of the brake linkage but have not ridden it since. If I played with the gearing, 60 or 70mph wouldn't surprise me. It would take a special track and a lot of leather for me to try that though!

    If I was to built around too much of a repro or vintage engine, as I have mentioned in the past, it would be in a more refined frame and wouldn't be here.

    I built it primarily to take to small local shows - just for something different.

  18. duivendyk

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    60-70mph, with no front suspension?
  19. spitball

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    what a beaut! love it!
  20. dmar836

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    Like I said, "It would take a special track and a lot of leather..."