Dacs 5-1 gearbox, lubrication?

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  1. I was told the 5-1 gearbox uses 10-30 that needs to be changed regularly and the 3-1 gearbox uses grease and never needs to be changed. but after opening my gearbox I see that I do have the 5-1 ratio but it appears to be greased and not oiled.
    Does anyone have the same gearbox? What lubricant do you use? How much? And most importantly, how often do you check it?
    I am taking off cross country on this in a few days and really don't want to break down in the desert because I did something stupid...please help.

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    why not go to the source and ask Duane at Dax?

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  3. I did. Prior to asking here.
  4. Hence, my dilemna.
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    ALWAYS split the gearbox to check for lube. Most of the ones I've purchased were bone-dry.

    The 5:1 gearbox has two plugs. One on the top to add oil, and the other is a drain plug on the bottom.

    I've used oil, but it leaked thru the front seal.

    So I pack a LOT of grease in the box. When new, it whined a LOT. I guess the gears are worn in, so not much tranny noise now.

    Some tranny gearsets are bevel-cut; some are straight-cut.

    When you split the case, you'll be SHOCKED how tiny the pinion gear is.

    Aside from a leaking front oil seal and a loose clutch drum, the gearboxes take a LOT of punishment and keep on ticking.
  6. Thanks, I did take it apart and added some thick high temp grease and a little 10-30 on top of it. I had ridden about 500 miles on the lube the box came with and saw zero signs of wear on the grease or the gears. So, Im a but more confident about this on the upcoming trip.

    BTW I took your advice on the gp460 and got the pipe you recommended and it worked great. I would LOVE to use the gp460 as my cross country engine but Ive been through 2 sets of clutch springs on that thing already and just dont want to trust it to take me that far even if I carried plenty of spare springs.
    But the Super Titan is doing very well....adequate power though it pales in comparison to the GP460 and it is whisper quiet with way better gas mileage.
    Im hoping the power improves as I break it in. But regardless it is going to be a great trip.
    And if the Super Titan gets me to the Pacific and back with no problems, I am going to be their new spokes person.
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    That CY460 engine breaks springs, all right. Lots of power, but undependable.

    I have two 460's on the shelf, until I figure out how to find long-lasting springs.....

    or a better clutch.

    Good luck on your long rides.
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    I broke too many spring to count on my Cags & bought one of these (but with the red springs).
    I havent broken another spring since & it works well but the red's engage at a higher rpm than the blue's.
    I have since retired the cags & am running 2 Tanakas with good success.
    I think getting one of these clutches installed in a new GP460 right out of the box & sell the stock GP460 clutch would be the ticket.
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    Synthetic SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil is a oil designed for those who demand the absolute best lubrication for their motorcycles. The result of extensive research, it is specially formulated to excel in all areas unique to motorcycles, including high engine RPM, wet-clutch lubrication and more.
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    But is it the thick gloop it sounds like? It may not be suitable for all engines.
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    I copied that from a motorcycle gear oil site. I doubt that 60 weight would be goop.90 weight axle oil for a car isn't even goop. It's designed to stay on the gears as opposed to 30 weight motor oil. Doesn't it stand to reason to use a fluid thats designed for a specific application. Brake fluid and automatic transmission fluid both have hydraulic properties, but yet transmission fluid is hydrodynamic, and brake fluid transfers force into pressure. Brake fluid would destroy the rubber O rings in a transmission.
    Motor oil breaks down, and needs changing more frequently than gear oil.

    "Unique to motorcycles, including high engine RPM, wet-clutch lubrication"
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    Using a proper gear oil is the way to go, I'm just asking if 60 is too thick, or even too thin for the job. I've seen some NATO differential oils though that damb near have to be carved out of the can.
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    I ended up going with something Staton recommends...Grease
    I found some '00' grade grease (real thin) & filled up the 5:1 gearbox with the stuff.
    So far so good, no leaks, but not enough miles to write a report.
    Time will tell.
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    Update on Pocketbike 5:1 transmission filled w/'00' grade grease.
    Working great, w/lots of miles in it now.
    No leaks...
    Finding the stuff was hard but a local lawn equipment store here sells it for cheap in a big capped tube.
    Called -Rotary 00-