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    I've been a bicycle entusiast for years now. Primarily a mountian biker I have recently gotten into commuter bikes as well. I have also just enrolled in college (again) and am looking forward to a 25 mile round trip commute. The summers in north Texas are very hot and very humid and while I would love to pedal to school, the thought of sitting in class all sweaty and swamp crotchy is an unpleasant notion. Looming gas prices and a poor public transport system have led to this alternative. I have the bike and now am researching the motor. Can't wait for that first ride...

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    As for motor I just put a suburu robin 33.5 cc 4 stroke on a stanton friction drive mated to my Kaluna Moon Dog (Blue). What a sweet motor. out of the box 5 primes on the bulb,pull cord with choke on and room room,what a nice feeling. Can;t say enough about the stanton friction drive motor combo. They reall have a great combo there. I will be commuting 8 mile one way to work. Pulling first mile up a grade with elevation change of over 200 feet. Nothing for the friction unit it pops up those. I weigh in at over 220lbs and the unit has a 7/8 drive wheel for a max speed of 22 mph which i hit all the time except those really steep hills,you know the one they just had to put there for you. But seriously consider this unit if you like easy quick no maitance hassle of chains etc. Of course i exclude you gebe folks.Thats no even fair to compare that caddy to my vw guys!!!!!
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    Welcome from DFW.

    Which part of town are you in? I am in mid Cities and ride a GEBE RS/35 and also have an electric bike as well. Scottm is just a little west of me and I believe there are several other Mb riders as well. Let me know if you want to try a GEBE maybe we can set something up.
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    Welcome to MBc from the GIANT Side of Texas!
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    New to forum

    I'm new to this forum, wish I had known about it a few years back when I was building motorized bicycles. I started in the hobby back in '73 when I built my first self propelled 10 speed using a 36cc chain saw engine with friction drive down to the rear wheel. Later on in the '80's I built a few bikes using line trimmer engines and friction drive. At this time all I have is a fairly new Solex bike which putt around on here in the neighborhood.
    I've tinkered with different drive methods on both front and rear wheels with varing results. Would like to hear from other forum members as to what kind of success they've had with their bikes drive trains.
    Also, I've read all the posts I can find regarding Texas state rules regarding what you can and can't ride on the street and would like to know what other Texas riders have experienced!

    Ft. Worth, Tx.
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    Thanks for the link to that artical. I don't know how long the popularity for "green" eco-friendly modes of transportation with last, but I'm sure the answer lies in how long a barrel of crude oil is above $70. I dusted off some Moped magazines I have laying around tonight and tried to remember 1979 with its fuel shortage.....
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    The big rule is to follow the speed limit. If you are going 35 in a school zone even on a bicycle, you will get and deserve a ticket. If you have a 80 cc engine and do it and cop an attitude with the police, they may haul you young backside to jail. As a bicyclist, you have to obel ALL the traffic laws of the great state of Texas.
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    Well I don't have much to worry about in regards to speeding as my Solex will only hit 20 mph. I'm thinking of building another bike, and joined this forum to see what is the most popular seller, both engine and drive train wise.
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    Hey Haus & Balboa_71,

    I'm just a few hours west of you guys in Lubbock. OK, 6 hours west.

    I just put my Staton Friction kit on my mountain bike over the weekend and took it for a few rides. We've been getting rained on the last few days here so I haven't ridden to work yet.

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    What sort of material are you using for your friction roller? Urethane is good in dry weather and is easy on tires.
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