Dax's or grubee's



grubee or dax

grubee engines cost abit more but have a longer life than the dax engine.


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Dec 15, 2006
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considering how equal they are imho dax = more bang for the buck

also I believe that dax explains the size difference on his site

69.3cc seems closer to 70 than 80 to me


also mike seems to be leaning toward whizzer stuff he said on another forum (motokruisers) that he was getting out of chinese engines



I have ordered from several different co. the motors come from the same factory the major difference is the support and information from the different co.'s .
I wish dax would carry more of the foo foo stuff like larger tanks, popo pipes the new cables and the up graid kits.

Being I am in bz I understand not wnating to tie up money in extra stock butit woluld be nice :) .

Mike has been into Whizzies a long time and now the market is starting to losen up. he is great to talk to about these motors one day I hope to meet him for a cup of coffee and a BS session.



my experience before i was on MBc...i emailed the heck outta all the dealers...thatsdax was the most responsive and honest about engine specs, & i'm not sorry i bought from them.


Thanks guys. Helps a ton...but cookie you say all the engines come from the same company... but then why do king's engines always have broken bearings and stuff and i never hear much about grubees busting apart? But thanks still... and for my info what is a 'BS session'? Any hoo seeing as how popular the Dax engines are on http://www.motoredbikes.com/viewtopic.php?t=411 I might just save my self the money and buy from dax....but will I have to spend more money on broken parts and sutff? Any comments on reliability of that's dax engines?


I have been told that there are actually sevenfactories that make very similar engines. I can't speak for Dax as I've never dealt with them but I will say Mike's customer service is top noch...Kelly


i would say thatsdax motors ive had about 4 of them on varyios bikes and am currently using one on my nirve bike comming up on 500 miles
and have so far been happy with them had a grubee 48 cc and it kinda dogged on the hills but i might have had a blown head gasket i just took it out and replACED it with a dax engine as far as parts goes with dax we kinda had a falling out he takes to long to get parts from seeing how he ships once a week i think so as far as engines goes dax gets my vote parts would have to go to ebay or simpson for that i think dax needs to have a pay more for fast shipping on his web site for impatiant people like me who hate waiting around for some stupid little part haha !!!!


BS is Bull Sh*t :) ....the engine I am running now is a King Motors I imagine the factory has seconds just like any other factory (just a thought) the thing I did not like about King was he just would not talk to me when I called or gave ho humm answers to my ??'s
The engine I got from a co in Tucson ran great until a SUV took it and me out :( Dumb *****blonds!!!
I bought a motor from Dax and have it on a bike for sale then ordered a back up motor that is still in the box.

One of the motors we bought from some one in CA is still running on one of our prototypes that one of our friends rides when he comes over (we may just give him the bike) it has a lot of hard miles on it and still keeps putting along.

A lot depends on how you break these babies in they are tuff little guys but you have to break them in easy ...it is ok to run them wide open once in awhile during the break in but it is just like breaking in a new car slow and easy until everything seats in ALTHOUGH I WISH THEY WOULD USE DESEANT GASKETS!!! :mad: instead of those Damn match book covers and that stupid soda can metal clutch lock GRRRRRRRR :mad: