Daxt GT50 R racing motor and chain drive kit

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by walander, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Hey, I have a Dax Gt50 R racing motor on a dax chain drive kit. The kit has its share of scratches and dings but works great, remember, this is the expensive chain drive, not the friction drive ( though could be converted to friction easy) The motor has about 300 miles on it and runs great. It has tons of power through out the power band and is crazy fast, I have had it up to 43mph ( police radar tested) and im a bigger guy at 210lbs. It also has a nice 50:1 wet reduction box.I can also either send a 36t sprocket (thats what i have been running) or a 44t sprocket with it, your choice. Bolt it on and hang on! Im selling the motor,the kit, and everything that comes with it for $300 plus shipping, I have it attached to a nice Diamondback topanga comp mountain bike, it too has its share of scratches, but it still looks and rides great, id sell the bike and motor for $400 plus shipping. Let me know if your interested, or even if you have a trade!

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    looks cool

    i might be interested. do u have to pedal to start out? do u think it will pull 160 lbs up hills? does it feel pretty balanced? cause it appears the motor had to be mounted off to the side... though its so light it probably barely matters. it looks like a cool setup... id prob take the bike too. i dunno talk to me...
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    He weighs 210#, off set engine and it has a recoil pull start.
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    I responded via PM about a day after this was originally posted. OP said he traded it for another bike at the time. Otherwise, the engine and drive kit would have been long gone :D