Decided I Didn't Want To Pedal Anymore

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    Decided to give an MAB a shot. I needed something to work on that had wheels on it, so I thought I would go with a 4 stroke and build a commuter. I don't have a garage or a shop, so I worked on the patio under a canopy.
    I used a 2012 Schwinn Del Mar, which is all steel. Had a big job getting the engine and mount to fit because of the shape of the bottom bar. I had to stretch the mount out all the way, and then used 3/4 inch heater hose for shims. I already know I'll be keeping an eye on the mount, and readjusting. Probably use windshield glue on the shim's, (From another post).
    I wanted a rack, and am going to get bags for it. I have a bag for the front also. I'll use them for grocery runs and other items.
    Definitely going to need to downsize the rear sprocket for cruising range, so I can run at lower rpms when cruising. It pulls from a stop just fine, but the cruising speed is to low for the engine operating range. At least that's what it seems like to me.
    I have my eye on a Scwhinn La Jolla which is all aluminum and has small fenders. Maybe by then the'll have a bigger 4 stroke out. Mike and Bike.jpg
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    Welcome, sweet bike!!
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    Relying on a coaster brake is a disaster waiting to happen. They are OK at the 5 to 8 mph a cruiser bike usually goes.
    One day you will need to actually stop FAST and will not be able to.
    Please get some brakes.
    V brakes work well- you can weld the bungs on. Remember to clock them correctly.
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    Thanks for reminding me. I've been so involved with riding and tinkering I let the needful thing slip away. Too the bike shop! Thanks again.
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    Thanks Tyler.
    The picture makes me look like a giant, but I'm not. lol
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    That was the first thing I noticed as well.
    V brakes are better but even a pair of C brakes front and rear will help more than you can imagine especially if you sprocketing up the left drive for more speed.

    One tip regarding that is when you have the back wheel off pop off the pedal side 18T sprocket and put on a 19T to help that 0-10MPH 'you need to pedal help it' range.
    It is just a retaining ring and the gear come right off.

    As a bonus it makes the coaster brake work a heck of a lot better too, I mean nice sidewalk J-skids if you remember those ;-}
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    It's funny that you brought that up, (Pedal gear). The BB kit I received was suppose to contain a 44 tooth sprocket, but came with a 50 tooth sprocket. I'm not having to pedal from a stop, but do a little anyway. Unfortunately though I'm not attaining a decent cruising speed, or I'd be running high rpm's everywhere I go. I think I'll order the HD hub with a band brake along with a 44 tooth sprocket, and then put a C brake on the front. I would prefer a disc brake, but that's a wish list item.
    I remember making some long skids on my Stingray, lol.