Derailleur/shifter compatibility

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  1. I hope I selected the right section for this...

    Anyway, I just ordered a Jackshaft for my bike so I finally need to get my gears working right, and I haven't used them since putting the engine on my bike over a years ago.

    So, this is where my question comes in. I just seen a Sram X9 (9 speed derailleur) on Ebay and I was wondering if a Sram X9 would work with a Shimano 8-speed shifter. I would call my local dealer but they don't open until Monday.

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    I don't see why almost any derailer would work, they all have limit screws built in and have the same function.
    You can't find one off a junk bike?
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    You will get a better answer about shifter-derailleur compatibility from a mountain biking site like IF you do not tell them you are building a motorized bicycle.
  4. Seen one used on ebay for under $20 so I thought it would be worth it. An X9 would last the life of any bike I'm sure.
    True. The only thing is I forgot my password and I'm using a different email. Didn't feel like making an account. :grin5: