Diesel engine?

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    Hello all,

    I searched the forums and the word 'Diesel' and couldn't find much, though I didn't search too far in. Sorry if this has been asked before... but I did search, I promise! :) I know that these are typically much heavier than their gasoline counter-parts. However, with that said, can anyone give me any advice as to what size (as in HP) engine I might need to push me moderately fast? It doesn't matter if it eats up fuel because I plan on using waste vegetable oil. I think I've got that part figured out, I just need to decide on which engine I need.

    Also, do I need a vertical or horizontal? I honestly don't know the difference or which would be relevant... I'm pretty mechanically/engineering-challenged.

    Thanks for the help :)

    BTW I didn't know if I should've posted this here or not... My apologies if it's out of place.
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    I would think you would want at least 2hp- more, probably, because of how much heavier a diesel is. You also want a horizontal crankshaft- which means the shaft come out the side parallel with the ground instead of vertical- pointing at the ground like a law mower.

    As you indicated- size and weight will be an issue0 a big issue. I hate to say this, (because they are not my cup of tea), but a trailer pusher may be the only real practical way to use a diesel with its size.

    As for being mechanically challenged- the question is whether you are willing to learn and have the money to get some things wrong and do them over a few times.
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    I don't think any diesel engines currently available are suitable for our/your purpose. :cry:
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    The problem with the standard diesels are the weight - they are always over engineered..

    However there are two methods that are usuable on a motored bike.

    The first is to get hold of a lohmann engine which is an 18cc semi-diesel engine kit from the 40-50's - ebay in germany usually has a few kicking around under the search term 'hilfsmotor'. These are roller type engines and pretty finicky when it comes to fuel types - a mix of parafin, petrol and diesel plus 20% 2 stroke oil is apparently the best mix.

    Or the more technical way is to get one of the larger industrial/model two strokes and make an adjustable compression diesel engine out of it by machining up a new headpiece that means the engine compression is adjustable.. there is information on various forums.

    There are a few small diesel engines that are commercially available but they are usually just a little to large for fitting to a standard frame and they put out more power than is necessary as well - when 1.6hp can pull you to 35mph a 5hp diesel is just too much to use safely without what would basically be a complete rebuild of the bike itself...

    hope that helps

    Jemma xx

    This link might be useful if you still want to fit up a diesel

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    Thanks for all the replies. I was hoping to use a Diesel engine because of the greater power (which would hopefully out-do the extra weight that it brings along), plus I'd be using vegetable oil, which is free and has very low emissions. Plus you smell like fried food instead of gasoline. Fried food probably isn't the best smell to have when you get to work, but I guess it's better than a gas smell!

    Anyhow, I'm gonna do a bit more research. It's starting to seem like the idea was a bit too romantic, though. I might just stick with my idea for an electric bicycle.
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    It'd be great, man. There was also some type of Diesel motorcycle that was (or maybe still is?) made in India called the Enfield, I believe. I'd love to have one... I've been thinking about a motorcycle or scooter anyway... but a Diesel one? Oh man... Vespa recently released a hybrid scooter, but it's regular gasoline. Imagine the possibilities of running a Diesel hybrid... Or a Diesel hybrid with vegetable oil. Man :)
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    I'm pretty sure Royal Enfield never made a diesel motorbike.

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    One route you could go down is a catylitic carb. They were used in North Africa with great success by the allies in the second world war. It would allow an engine to run on kerosene, or other fuels.
    More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carburetor

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    check this engine out its perfect for what you need

    its a 18cc 2 stroke biodiesel engine running on straight veggie oil

    thats pritty green


    and its just under 1 hp thats plenty especially with diesel torque
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    Yeah...they are not that little yet. It's a great idea waiting to happen though. Among other small vehicle applications I see a motor- mountain bike. Quiet, high torque and runs on veg. oil. An eco 2-wheeled atv.
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    "Why not one of these: http://www.fxbikes.com/"

    Shweet!! :smile:

    Now if / when they get the idea to put out a Super-Motard style version of that they could triple sales with little other effort.

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    That would look nice next to my Ktm!
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    Clearly we are on the same page;)
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    2008 200 Xc-w,..Best bike I've ever owned and the first Ktm.
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