Diesella and BTC? Any info?

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    I am retired and live in Thailand. I have two big motorcycles, an antique English bicycle from the 60s and a mountain bike that I use for most getting around. A Thai friend who knows I like old stuff informed me of a person who has two motorized bicycles she wants to sell. I took a look. One is a Diesella that looks relatively modern like maybe 50s or 60s, possibly 70s. Looks in good shape and everything there. The other has a motor 'BTC' that looks like it was built in the 30s. Some parts missing and needs resoration. I can't find much info on these bicycles and don't know what I should pay for them. Anyone familiar with these motorized bikes and about what they are worth for a new collector? Maybe some links to sites that have restoration parts or know more about these bikes? Any info would be helpful. Take a look at the photos.


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