Does anyone sell Triple Tree Forks with suspension?


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Jul 29, 2018
I remember searching and searching triple tree before I found my Marz 888 forks, and noticed more listings pop up with search term Double Crown, or Downhill Forks. But you like the dirtbike style stem aka triple clamp? I think the clip on bars are more a motorcycle specific thing, might not come in 1 or 1-1/8" steerer.
alternatively you could search brand name + model if you knew what you wanted, say Marzocchi Bomber, RockShox Boxxer, Fox40 for example,,


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Sep 23, 2013
32mm stanchions and a common but now outdated 28mm bar chopped in half will work with a pair of 1&1/8" x 32mm stems used backwards. This is the most affordable option I can think of.

Most dual crown downhill forks have a 20mm x110mm bolt through front axle width and are set up to be fast on a downhill mtb track (of the year they're from) with 7"+ travel. The stanchions are often even wider than 32mm.

The right year of Marzocchi junior T has 32mm stanchions, a 9mm x 100mm standard dropout width, mounts for both disc and rim brakes, and only 5" travel (its almost certainly shortenable if you want to) which can be adjusted to suit riding rough roads simply by topping up the oil a few cc's. Different oil weights are blendable. You'll probably want to change the oil when you get them.
This is the most affordable and practical option I can think of.

There are 35mm bar stems too so you can use those with 35mm stanchion forks, but most of these stems are made for the 1&1/4" and 1.5" steerer diameters that are current technology and therefore usually expensive, and you'll pay more for the 32mm bar to fit the 1&1/4" stem. Used backwards.
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