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  1. CatonCam

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    Has anybody done anything for someone else, without being asked to? You know, done something for someone who didn't expect it? The people you see everyday, doing what they do and never asking for anything special. Never complaining or moaning. Yes I'm talking about paying it forward.

    More to come on this topic, our gift to just one such person!

    Cat's, Dad and Cat too!
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  2. give me vtec

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    yeah I try too... sometimes I feel that some people just think Im being shady or something when I try to help. I always want to stop and help people broken down on the road but am afraid they will just look at me weird and think I am some murderer or something, so I just keep driving.
  3. CatonCam

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    Meet Paul,

    This is the fellow whom we chose to pay it forward to. He works all year in the out of doors doing maintenance at a Mobile Home Park. I have NEVER seen him not wearing a smile, even as he pedals his bike to the store every week rain or snow or shine! He does not have a car and he goes everywhere on his bike. If you have a need and ask Paul for some help or advice, he is there! Just one of many wonderful people in the world.

    Cat's, Dad and Cat too!

    More to the point over here:

    Cat was upset with me because she has been thinking this tad was for her (she has been helping build it all along)!
    But she likes the idea of paying it forward as much as I do.

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  4. biken stins

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    paying it forward = good karma.
  5. SimpleSimon

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    I compliment people - total strangers - occasionally when I see something to compliment, be it appearance of whatever. The reactions are usually surprised wonder that anyone noticed. I also helped an old guy here in town put an engine on his trike - he does lawn and shrubbery care all over town from a Schwinn trike with a trailer, and the hills were getting to be a real struggle for him.

    The most satisfying thing I do is the one afternoon a week I spend at the VA hospital, working with soldiers who've lost a limb, helping them learn to cope and just talking with them about living with the disability.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    I make it a point to help others at work and it's given me a good reputation.

    I also stop and offer help to anyone on the side of the road who is clearly trying to fix something (I don't bother if I don't see them under the hood, jacking up the car, etc.).
    There've been plenty who I could do nothing for. There've been a few who I was able to make things a bit easier for and I remember one couple who never would have gone anywhere without my help.
  7. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    yes there are some things I am able to give away through out the week
    supplying around 31 businesses now with
    bibles and Christian Childrens Books
    plus many times during the week I get to personally put into little hands -- God's Word For Kids
    all given away for free
    this is the best part time job in the world
    taking no credit just grateful to be able to do this -- MM
  8. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    "Paying it forward" is one of the best things I've ever embraced, as an idea. I used to have a little round sticker I made - the size of a political campaign button - that said around its rim "Pay It Forward - It comes Back Around" with an extended "helping hand" graphic in the middle. It was in the center of the side of my briefcase. That sticker brought more comments and more chances to share the idea with others than any bumper sticker or other bit of advertising I've ever had.

    It really does come back around. Shortly after I moved here I ended up with gangrene in my left foot, and the doctor had to surgically remove about a 1/4 of the sole of it. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and then a surgical recovery center, and was pretty much confined to my apartment thereafter for a long time. I only got out when I had to go to a Dr's appointment, or when it was absolutely necessary, as walking was a real chore - using a crutch or cane on my left side is essentially impossible with no left hand. On my way home one afternoon from the Doctor's office I had a flat on the left rear tire while on the freeway. I got over into the e-lane, stopped, and (slowly) got the jack and spare tire out of the trunk. Put the jack in place (screw type jack), and tried to jack up the car while standing on one foot. It just wasn't happening - while I futzed with it at least 200 vehicles passed me by, including 2 cop cars I saw. I was pretty hot, and very frustrated, and was contemplating giving up and hobbling a half mile to the exit and down to a business where I could call for some help when a pickup stopped. Out hopped an early 20-something young lady, who trotted up and said, "Let me do that for you", as cheerful and chipper as she could be.

    So, she changed the tire for me, insisted on putting everything in the trunk for me, and was as helpful as possible. I thanked her, profusely, and asked her why she stopped. She smiled really big, and said, "I'm just Paying It Forward."

    So, I asked her too wait a moment, grabbed my briefcase, dumped the stuff in the seat, closed it up and handed it to her. She was declining it, until I pointed out the sticker to her, and told her it was the last copy I had, and I wanted her to have it.

    I need to make some more of those stickers.
  9. CatonCam

    CatonCam New Member

    This awesome. Your stories are something to be really proud of. Having "been there" on the receiving end myself a time or two, it really is a feeling that your guardian angel is looking out for you when, seemingly, from out of nowhere someone is there to give you that "helping hand".

    Simon, If you were to do more of your "stickers", as a suggestion, maybe have some made into buttons? I know some of the Kinko's will press them into the button for you. Please let me know if could help by donating some funds to help with that idea.

    Cat's Dad and Cat too!
  10. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    the more that I think about it
    don't really understand the Pay Forward THING
    if I pay for the next one coming up in line
    and the one before me has paid for me
    what have I given ??

    don't get me wrong
    anyTHING that is a kind gesture these days is a good THING !!!

    is there a way to take this one step further ??

  11. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Go get the movie Pay It Forward. There isn't a better explanation of the concept that I know of, and it is a well made, entertaining film.
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

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    MM, your are paying for someone else, for the next one coming up in line.
  13. graucho

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    Absoluetly CatonCam, great thread!
    This idea is the entire premise behind my SouthMetro thread/group.
    We have moved 2 groups through the shop this summer. (4 kids so far) Im taking a break
    and working on the web site design before taking on 2 more kids. Paying It Forward is
    one of the best plans I know to get a thumbs up when I meet my maker. :sunny:
  14. robin bird

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    YES ! i firmly beleive God will bless you for doing good for others--if anything else you will feel totaly great. Sometimes people will abuse it but as Christians we are to keep on doing good--this is the foundation of our great democratic countries ! Where would the world be if it wasnt for all of the humantarion giving to the poor and needy.
  15. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    What comes around, goes around.
    I am always trying to do good for others. I don't always succeed, but I try my best.
    There are days where I am a grumpy SOB and out of the blue, I receive help. It usually turns my day around to a good one.
    It's funny how it all works out.
  16. gnflyby

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    Around where I live there is a guy who collects bottles and cans, I normally see him with a Hugh garbage bag filled with bottles and cans on top of his handle bars, I could tell that it's extremely hard for him to see and to steer! And it's just a matter of time before he gets hit. So I began to look through tag sales for a trailer/stroller which can be attached to a bicycle, well one day I go to a tag sale and there it was, it was in pretty good shape and cheap too, only $20, so I bought it and waited to see him and when I did I gave it to him and I even attached it to his bike for him, well it has changed his life and every time he see's me now he's always blessing me and telling me what a wonderful thing I did for him. It really felt good to do that, and he can keep both hands on the handle bars now. Maybe someday I'll get him an engine, that would sure speed up
    Nelson. :)

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