Don't wear baggy jeans! Chain sucked them in doing 25mph and I ate it!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fletch, May 4, 2011.

  1. Fletch

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    I went out around 10pm last night to test my jetting, and I was wearing pretty baggy jeans. I have a bright light, but you can't see all the details in the road, so I hit a pot-hole or something and bounced up... When I came down my jeans managed to get sucked in by the chain and brought the engine to a stop, throwing me into maybe a 20 foot skid to a stop, and tipped over.

    It couldn't have gone better because I didn't get hurt and slowed all the way down before I fell over, but my **** leg was trapped in the engine and my bike went down on the left side, so I was pinned in the middle of the road like a sitting duck with my left leg underneath the bike. I was worried I was going to get hit by a car, but 2 people stopped and a lady cut my jeans for me.:sweatdrop:

    I couldn't get the piece of jeans out from the engine, and I had to pry the drive sprocket cover open with a screwdriver! I'm going to have to pull the sprocket out because it isn't coming out any other way. Just a heads up you wear loose pants around the lower might want to reconsider.:idea:

  2. shell shock

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    happened to me, but luckily i just had a chunk ripped out of my jeans. and kept goin home. only then did i realize i had a hole in my legging. i now secure the bottom of my jeans with an elastic when i ride.
  3. james65

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    Has'nt happened to me. I've had my pant leg get caught on that damm clutch lever post too many times. Think that I'll carry clip in my riding tool kit.
  4. cpuaid

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    Every pair of jeans I own has a small tear on my right pant leg cuff only. I'm too vain to put on one of those pant cuff elastic bands when riding my bike. makes it easy to spot another motorized bike rider who also pedals to throw off the cops!
  5. Fletch

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    I was actually able to get it out of the sprocket by reversing the chain after all.

    Where do you guys find an elastic band, or do you just make one?

    James65, That happens to me too when I'm pedaling and it annoys me to no end! :veryangry:

    cpuaid, Why a tear on the right side? Is your drive chain on the right?

    I wish they made better chain guards because then this wouldn't happen.
  6. james65

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    I don't really try to fool the cops as my bike is registered. However I do pedal start the bike. Sometimes I do pedal if I'm passing a stroller or other person I don't want to annoy. I picked up a pant clip at a bike shop.
  7. DuctTapedGoat

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    I have a pair of springsteel pants clips I keep on my bikes handlebar bag, much better than the velcro ones.
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I had the same thing happen when the bike chain ate my right shoelace. Fortunately, I was just walking/rolling my bike off the curb. The sprocket grabbed my shoelace like a warning of what would happen in the future.:bowdown:

    Now I ride with jogging shoes that have a single short, fat velcro strap.:idea:
  9. DuctTapedGoat

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    LOL! Shoelace is super scary - your foot is at ZERO mobility. I once got my left shoelace wound up in the drive sprocket and chain, but fortunately it was a few days before the 4th last year and I wheeled immediately to a fireworks stand for a knife. I chopped the lace and was able to pull it out with pliers.

    My pants all are tore back on both sides, one from the crank sprocket (no guard) and one from the motor's chain. I think the exhaust heat breaks it down a lot too and weakens the fabric, but I have no "proof" that's what does it.

    You could always roll up your pant leg. But that really looks as silly as spandex and aerodynamic helmets.
  10. bluegoatwoods

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    Oh, Yes, on a bicycle, fastening the pant cuffs is a must.

    I used to use reflective velcro types. They were nice until they'd fray and break and you'd have to make a trip to the bike store. Sometimes finding that they didn't have them anymore or didn't have the ones you like.

    I've never tried the steel ones mentioned above. But they're likely worth using.

    The best solution I've found yet is some soft, pliable vinyl/cotton rope, about 1/4 in thick. Double wrap around the ankle, tied with a shoelace type knot on the outside and I'm all set. And when I lose one I don't have to make a trip to a bike shop (and maybe come up empty-handed). I just cut a new piece.

    Ducttapedgoat; thanks for reminding us about shoelaces. That's a good point,too. My solution;tuck them into the shoes. Out-side, by your ankle.
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  11. cpuaid

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    Good tip on the rope. I never had my shoelace stuck in the chain ring but as the tear in my right pant cuff gets longer it keeps getting snagged more often. It's really getting dangerous because I commute 6 days a week on my bike. For some strange reason I'm getting a worn spot on my left pant leg above but not over my left knee on all of my jeans. My wife won't left me wear my new jeans when I commute anymore because she says motorbiking makes my clothes look all raggedy! She says stop being vain and tie that pant cuff up before you get yourself killed!!
  12. DuctTapedGoat

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    LOLOL - I'm glad I'm not the only one with mystery holes in the left knee! I've got it in about 5 different pairs.

    I'm serious, I think it's the exhaust pipe's heat degrading the fabric. :D

    That and my right shoe is always darker than the left from exhaust.
  13. Happy Valley

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    I found a great use for the green, velcro tape my wife saves that comes on bunches of veggies from the market.
  14. RedBaronX

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    if I can find them, I have something like these in leather:

    Military Gaiters

    overkill, maybe, but would look hot with a BTR!
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  16. retromike3

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    steel clips

    I used to use velcro straps (I had my bike shop logo on them) but I found that they wear out and pick up stuff that I am not found of, so I switched to the aforementioned steel clips I have had them for years and they work grate no mater what I am wearing.

    I have noticed that the new skinny jeans don't need clips, But I only have one pair of those.

    Since I have been riding my motor bike I haven't had either chain eat my pants but I do have some old pairs that have been thoroughly trashed by my bicycles.

  17. DuctTapedGoat

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  18. BikerInFla

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    As an old guy here I learned that pants thing back when I was 8 years old...tucked my pants inside my tube socks as the solution ... looked like a dork but didn't tear my pants and Mom didn't have to clean the grease of the pants leg...did take a header once when it got caught in the front sprocket of my new Western Auto bike...Dad didn't have the cash for a Schwinn :)
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    Pant Leg

    This is what happened to me quite a while ago Burnt by muffler.

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    A big rubber band keeps my pant leg out of the moving parts.
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