Dun Dun Dun (5-0 Alert)

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    new to the site and thanks for having me .. but i do come with some bad news ... i live in winnipeg MB and ive had my 80cc motor going on its 5th summer ... lol me and this beast have been threw it all .. ill be postin pictures of everything ive had to do to it to keep it going .. not on a big budget so i can only do what i can do myself ... so back to the bad news ... like i said 5th summer.. i drive it in the winter with a set of studded tires that i make and have never been bothered with the police ..on the flip side took my baffle out of my muffler (and if anyone has done this then then know how loud they are ) sitting next to a cop and hes telling me how cool that sound nice job blah blah blah .... out riding around in st.james and the police pull me over light and sirens and let me tell you he was not happy ... so he told me that they are not allowed on the street and that there gonna start crackin down on them . and after all that he issued me a .. DRIVE WITHOUT MOTOR VEHICLE LIABILITY INSURANCE .. im gonna fight the ticket ... i cant even get insurance on it .. i thought it would fall under the moped class .... so the ticket can be up to 600 bucks .. i know theres a few a these out there so maybe just a warning ... i havent stoped riding it but i did put my muffler back together .... :helmet: safe riding boys ill update after i go to court :poop:

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    best of luck.....I hope it turns in your favor. It really stinks how these are used as cheep transportation, and the penalties cost more than the bike.