Dyno ...2 stroke or 4 stroke it?

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    So I have a 2 stroke that is fun as hell but I hear all the talk about 4 strokes . I don't think they look as cool but I hear there way more reliable and Quite . Can't decide, so some honest opinions would be great from you guys who have bin doing this way longer then me . I don't have any problem with servicing the 4 stroke cuz I'm a fanatic with oil and maintenance on my motorcycle . I'm constantly workin on the 2 stroke, as you guys know needs to be done . Just want to go for a ride and not be SO concerned about it breaking down .

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  2. bikejock

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    Hey Chain, Got your PM. Here's how my bike looks currently;

    Here's a pick of the rear drive mods I made;

    I recommend swapping the stock carb to a 2 stroke NT carb. You'll need a manifold adapter which you can find at gasbike.net that makes the NT carb fit on 49cc 4 stroke engines.

    Good luck on your 4 stroke Dyno build cant wait to see it. Hope you have as much fun as I have with it. Remember the 4G is one of the best 4 stroke kits you can get and BicycleEngines.com is a good place to get them from.
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  3. butre

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    the NT carb works on anything, I've even seen one on a briggs 450 lawnmower
  4. wheelbender6

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    I would go 4 stroke unless you just really enjoy hot rodding 2 stroke motors.
  5. Leroybrown420

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    I vote for a 2-stroke. 4 strokes are gutless wonders.
  6. butterbean

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    I've ridden 48cc and 66cc kit two strokes and a 97cc flathead 4 stroke, working now on a 79cc predator build. The flathead made more power than the kit two strokes and the predator makes more power than the flathead. Exactly which one is a gutless wonder?
  7. Leroybrown420

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    49cc "street legal" 4 strokes have no bottom end power. Sure, I can bolt up a 79cc, 97cc, 125cc, 150cc, 212cc and blow away 48cc & 66cc (aka 80cc) 2 strokes. It's all about the cubic centimeters. Apples to apples the 2 stroke has more bottom end performance.

    However, if you take a 49cc 4 stroke or 2 stroke and add gears (jackshaft) it's a different ball game.

    IMO, the most bang for the buck is a 2 stroke. If you have deep pockets the sky is the limit. I cant buy a 4 stroke kit for $110 w/ free shipping, can you? If so, hook a brother up.
  8. butterbean

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    No, you've definitely got a point on the price issue, the two strokes are the cheapest in the short term, but ended up costing me more in repairs and replscements. I dumped about 1400 in my last two stroke bike. It's actually taken me a year with the build I'm working on and its almost but not quite finished. It's fully custom, from the bare frame up, even built my own wheels. Got about a grand in it. But its not your average motorized bicycle, its a lot more like a motorcycle.
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    Hey It's getting closer man . Front brakes were a lil tricky because of the triples .