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    This past summer at lake balboa, I was just pedaling, no bat power on my Currie Ezip and a guy and his girlfriend, he made rude comments at me for riding an ebike.

    This is not the very first incident mind you, but it illustrated an underlying dis-acceptance of those who ride e or g bikes. Sadly, but there are always those who have nothing better to do than flap their traps bigtime.

    That august afternoon I let the guy and gal go, other times, not so. But I never had the ebike to shut someone up.

    Well several weeks ago I was out riding and a guy with a red and white helmet (pointed helmet) shorts and shirt goes buy on his fifteen or whatever speed pushing around thirty and calls out "E-HOLE" along the bike path...lovely. Normally I tune out people like that but this time, I had a bike that could rectify that and I decided no more.

    1000watt motor, 48 volt battery, time to fix this for the honor of my fellow e-bikers whether gas or electric. Switch went on for power then throttle power switch, no more pedaling. Twist throttle up and the guy ahead of me is two lengths ahead of me now. He glanced in his left hand drooping helmet mirror and there I was riding and with a polite grin. He pedaled faster, his speed at plus (I never ride :rolleyes7: and tell) 15mph, twisted throttle, not an issue. Right there with ya guy! They I decided as we hit the climbing part and he slowed, I had to go on and I did, across the bridge. Got there and saw the dirt road cut-off to Balboa. Right turn Clyde and kept going. Now with my ezip thick off road tires it was my domain. He had those narrow skinny ten speed tires, not great for off road on dirt areas. But hey, he was so piszed off he tried to keep up. So I kept the speed going and yeah he decided to take his race bike off-road (idiot) and I cruised for a while as he pedaled to get to me and as he did, I decided to twist! I twisted that throttle and he was eating my road dust. Finally got to Balboa that warm day, hanged a right and up ahead were two LAPD on their bikes, time to turn the power off. Pedaled and they passed, the officer on the left glancing back at my ride...he knew ;) !

    The idiot on his bike finally passed, sneered, oh was he pizsed at me, but I smiled and pedaled slowly, made my point. If you go to the park just ride, have fun. No need putting others down. Life's too short.

  2. Fabian

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    I love that story, and it mirrors my own experiences.

    I like to play with those guys and give them a fighting chance to stay in the race; giving them hope that they can whoop my a-hole. Some of them put up a heck of a fight; pushing themselves beyond the pain barrier; beyond any level of exertion that could be considered sensible, just to teach me a lesson; taking years off their life and cardiovascular system in the process.
    Sometimes i'm a little cheeky and make it look like my bike has suffered an engine problem; letting them pass by to feel a great sense of achievement, but i crush their spirit by opening the throttle and making a repass, with a smile and jovial chatter, which infuriates them even more, to the point where they are about to burst a blood vessel.

    It always amuses me because they are filled with downright hatred of my bike and get no enjoyment out of riding their flimsy and outrageously expensive machinery, yet i'm the one with a $450 bike and a huge smile on my face that goes from ear to ear; a smile so big that it needs to be surgically removed to stop me grinning.
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    Fabian, I bet that's nice. Wish you had a pic to post of it.
  4. Anton

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    Really? There's people who hate ebikes? I can understand people getting annoyed with a motorized bike whizzing by, but an electric... that's unbelievable!
  5. geebt48cc

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    Anton, I so very agree with ya. See, ebikes are looked at as "THE STUFF", when it comes to going green!
  6. jaguar

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    Obviously just a bicycle "jock" that honors only testosterone. Nothing civilized or mature or evolved about that hairless ape. i would of taunted him as I passed by. you know, give him a dose of his own medicine so maybe then he'd learn the importance of the golden rule.
  7. graucho

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    I would have trailed him from a distance wherever he went, for however long it took... that would have really freaked him out.
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  8. Richard H.

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    Meh, live and let live. I got no grudge against bicyclists and feel more solidarity there than with most cagers.

    Let's put it this way: I've never been threatened or put in the ditch by someone on a bicycle.
  9. def215

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    I have similar experiences also. I own both gas and electric and I have different reactions on both. On my electric, I'm normally told that I'm "cheating" and on the gas one I get "that's cool" or "you wanna sell it?"

    But I don't understand why normal bicyclist get worked up over an e-bike because all I'm trying to do is commute. :)
  10. Fabian

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    When discussion of cheating comes up, i have a simple reply: Lance Armstrong cheated and won 7 Tour de France titles - cheating is good!!!
  11. grinningremlin

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    I've never heard any grumpy bikers comments, probably because soon after they hear my yelled "ON YOUR LEFT" I'm too far past them to hear anything they'd say.Dirty looks, yes.
  12. wally

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    We have dedicated bike lanes with a dividing white dotted line for bikes coming the other way. Pedal Biker coming towards me, at the last minute he recognises me and moves onto the white line. Self preservation I move over :) See it is not only you guys who have problems.
  13. roughrider

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    Well, I'm still putting together my first MAB, so I don't have any experience with rude bicyclists over that, but when one of my racing friends was putting together my hybrid pedaler, I commented how I just wasn't competitive.

    He laughed and said, "Nonsense. You put two guys on bikes and put them next to each other, and they are racing."

    At the time, I disagreed. Then, as my body started to get in shape and I started doing some twenty mile rides, I really, truly came to dislike anyone passing me. It was not so bad if it was a hyper fit athlete on a $4000.00 racing bike. I expected that. But when I saw guys around my age on regular bikes, I was all, "Grrrrr...."

    Heh. It motivated me to get in shape. Pretty soon I was the guy making them go, "Grrrr..."

    The Greek poet Hesiod said that there are two kinds of conflict in this world. The first gets a lazy guy off his ass, so it is constructive. The second is destructive and leads to war and such (Works and Days1.4). So being competitive is one thing. Being a punk is another.
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  14. wally

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    Wait till you are over 60 like me! :)
  15. slickdude

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    Gets worse with some pedestrians. Yesterday I took my ezip/papamotors bike out to the dirt road that runs next to the LA river and Balboa Golf Course. Now it is open to the public and they even have installed drinking fountains at both ends. It is mainly a heavily at times used dirt road about 20 feet or more wide or two side by side cars. So there were few folks and I started cruising around 18mph maybe peaking here or there at around 21, but you get the idea. So hardly anyone around and as I am riding this guy who looks like a 40 something Raggedy Andy starts flailing his arms and shouting no bikes. Now the city has posted no signs whatsoever and I shouted back it's a public road and thought nothing more of it, right...

    So I finally got back on the bike path around the sepulveda basin minding my own business and after a while I ended up at the dirt road about 25 minutes later. I figured the guy was long gone so finally just get back to riding as I do here often, not bothering anyone else. I get a quarter of the way down the road on the opposite side and this time there are two guys. The one with the flailing arms now has a thick cane and screams, yells at me for simply riding my bike and then takes a few steps and a swing to try and hit me, which case I swevered to avoid him. Unfortunately I didn't have my db cam mounted, but I might get google glasses for riding for better quality vids and then I can also snap a flick of the guy if he should show up again, and by the way both joggers going around the entire golf course as well as cyclists with mainly mountain bikes use this. No signs barring usage either. Now here is the kicker.

    I read that if a pedestrian uses a bike path clearly labeled as a bike path, it is a ticketable offense in California. That means the people in the past and Raggedy Andy who threaten you cannot use the dirt road are themselves breaking the law to get on that road as any way around it, they must use the bike paths. Hypocrites or what. Well, time to go google eye glasses shopping. I'll post these screaming whackos as I find em so all of you can see what pedestrians who hate cyclists look like while themselves being criminal and threatening. Time to fight back!
  16. butre

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    I have a special finger for guys like that.
  17. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    and where exactly would you place that finger?
  18. bigoilbob

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    U can do it Wally. Also, I need 2 check my forum age data. It might B an "old" age, like yours.
    IM almost 62, and do 8-10 hours/week pedaling. Either on a ride, an X bike at the Y, or my recumbent X bike watching netflix in the basement. Not much motivation on this forum, (lots of mentions of morbid obesity - er - "glandular problems" - and other lifestyle related afflictions), but even with MA, it's still fun 2B able to pedal. Roughrider has his motivation. Mine was watching my wife passing me on a comfort bike. Humiliating!
  19. LR Jerry

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    I'm on Yahoo! Answers Cycling section. The hardcore cyclists on there hate any form of assisted systems be it gas or electric. They always advice people to go buy an expensive bicycle shop bike. They even go as far as to tell people none of the assist systems be it gas or electric are any good. I let people know that simply isn't true that with the kits you get what you're willing to pay for. I do try to help them with any problem they may have and send them to this forum as well for help.

    What the hard core cyclists don't seem to want to accept is many of us have health issues which prevent us from being a pedal only rider. Assist systems make it possible for many disabled and elderly to continue riding. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to. Little by little they aren't giving rude answers to people about assisted bicycle systems anymore and leaving those questions for me to answer.
  20. Fabian

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    :iagree: ... Hardcore cyclists have a pathological hatred of people with motorized assist systems on their bicycles, and, when i say pathological hatred, "i mean" a pathological hatred like no other.

    Not only that, they won't even tell you the time of day, or **** on you if you're on fire, unless you've spent in excess of $8,000 on a damn pushbike.
    Total insanity because for $8,000 i expect a bicycle to come pre-installed with a gold plated engine.