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  1. Jax Rhapsody

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    I plan on making this stingray chopper electric at some point, is there an eletricmotor I can use such as a hub motor or something that isn't frction(crappy and very expensive rare tire to be ruining) or chain or belt drive?

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    -The simplest way would be to add a front hub motor. Not hard to find a 24" hub motor wheel. The electric motor looks like a big drum brake so it looks normal on a stinrgay chopper.
    The chopper has plenty of room for a battery box in that frame.
    -A rear hub motor for the stingray would be rare and expensive. You would likely have to buy the hub motor and have a bike sohp lace the fat rear rim to it.
    -You could try a mid drive system. The mid drive powers your front pedal sprocket. No need to change wheels. Mid drives can be very efficient if your chopper has a rear derailleur.
    Front hub motor kits are pretty easy to find on the net.
    Here are some links for mid drive kits:
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  3. Jax Rhapsody

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    Eh, I don't do fwd on anything. Mid drive sounds promising, I've seen motorcycle motors fitted to them. I was thinking of a scooter drivetrain retrofitted, but the frame alone ourweighs a standard 50cc scooter frame minus drivetrain...the back wheel probably outweighs a scooter backwheel.

    A mid drive, and maybe a front freewheel kit. This is just one part of the plan and a wheel hub motor of highest wattage for it's 50-65lbs(as is) self and my 250lbs self will be wonderful. It might be wide, but it's still a 20in.
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    Actually the front wheel of a 700c 1 kw hub motor weighs in with tire and tube at a paltry 18lbs. We weighed my Papamotor wheel and hub at a local bike shop on a hanging scale and it peaked at 18lbs. We thought it would weigh more. You can find motorized front hub wheels from about 16" thru 29". Wattage range from 350 geared to 500 and above gearless.