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    Am over 50 and the hills here in Northern Israel are getting just too steep for me. Am looking to motorise my mountain bike. The simplest way seems to be a petrol friction motor.

    The question is: is it best to put it on the front or rear tyre?

    And is there a company that delivers complete kits worldwide?
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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Mif..Welcome to Israel from Eno in Australia...soon they will all jump in and give the info you need..I think you may be the first member from Israel so welcome again...Eno
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    Roads are very steep here. Speed is not an issue, but 1:4 hill ascending ability is. Is even a 7/8" diameter drive roller friction motor up to it? I drove a Velosolex around Paris in 1977. It was great. But it would not cope here. Are the modern friction motors clipped on to bicycle tyres any better? Or is there no real choice but a chain drive?
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    Staton inc.
    Golden Eagle bike engines
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    welcome aboard. I think you might be first Israeli that I've noticed joining up here. A rather fascinating place. From reading Leon Uris's "Exodus" and Randolph Churchill's "Six Day War" and stuff like that, I almost feel that I know the place. You'll have to tell us a bit about it.

    But to get to your real question; I've no doubt that you can find friction drives or chain drives to fit your needs. If you click on the sponsor links to the left of these pages, you'll learn about your options.

    I'll make on guess, though; if your terrain is all that rough, then you're likely to do better with a chain drive.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Welcome Israel !

    I don't have many hills so no help there.

    mountain man where are you ? Surely mountain man knows about riding the hills !

    Riding a motorized bike in the hills of Israel. Sounds way fun ! ! !
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    Well the Dead Sea is 1500' below sea level and Jerusalem is 600' above, so if a motorised bike can do the 2100' climb over the 12 miles, I'll be impressed!
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    Friction drive may be simple in operation, but on rough roads and questionable surfaces, I too think you would be better off with a chain drive or at least a toothed belt drive system.