engine stops runing very shortly

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mackie4, Jul 24, 2009.

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    Engine starts and runs for a very short time 2-3 seconds as if it runs out of gas...fuel bowl full and have taken carb apart and blew out the needle valve jet, but no difference in running...I did check the gas cap and it is o.k. also checked fuel flow and it is o.k. I had a cdi problem before and solved that, but now I have this problem? help!
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  2. did you adjust your idle a little higher,turn the screw clockwise 1 or 2 times.
    is your gas petcock in the on posistion. is your gas cap venting right.
    did you put your choke down after its running.
  3. arceeguy

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    I agree, check that fuel is flowing from the tank by pulling the line and draining it into a container. It should trickle out, but not "pee" out if you get my drift........

    Check to make sure that head nuts are tightened, and that the intake gasket and carb to intake tube are sealed tightly.
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    did all that and still nothing....

    Solved ......Muffler was clogged ! how do you clean it out? This is the black one with the catalitic unit....?
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  5. take muffler off,spray carb cleaner down threw top part of muffler,and im not sure if you have to flush out with water after,and hang up somewhere to drain out,when dry put back on.

    its best to do this outside.
  6. mackie4

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    Thanks, I will try it.....
  7. arceeguy

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    A clogged muffler? Wow, how much running time do you have!

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    i just took the Cat out of mine :p
  9. Mountainman

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    not many cleanned

    not many cleaned here either ----- in a whole lot of years
    it is a THING to do talked about around here on site
    so a while back I cleanned my first MB muffler
    shot some WD-40 in there
    held my bike to the side and drained it out

    would I do it again ?? yes I guess -- when -- in a few years maybe
    why ?????????????? that's a good question

  10. scokes

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    Same thing happened to me the first time I rode it to work. Got ready to leave, had a couple of people in the parking lot watching. Pedal, start, die. Pedal, start, die. I was running out of energy and self-esteem. I hopped off the bike to examine a little closer and found that one of my wires leading to the magneto had come loose. Plugged them back together, started right up and drove home. Felt like an idiot!!!
  11. mackie4

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    First break in miles...5-10 miles! It ran without the muffler and I could see oil globed on the inside of the muffler... Without the muffler on , now it won't start again....boy am I getting tired of this!

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    wait wait wait....

    you ran it without the muffler... as in, no header on it? or did you cut the muffler off? Or did you take the guts out?
  13. arceeguy

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    I don't think that 10 miles would be enough to clog a muffler.

    Have you tried a new spark plug? Honestly, this doesn't sound like an exhaust issue to me.

    How does the compression feel?

    Also, temporarily disconnect the kill switch as a troubleshooting precaution. You can stop the engine by dumping the clutch. (Don't worry, no harm)
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    cleaning out a muffler after the break in period probally would help for some people. I found some zmax for small 2 stroke engines and i mixed it up into the gas and after i burned up about 3/4th's of my tank i noticed oil dripping out of my muffler. So i cranked the engine over a couple of times without the muffler and about a cup of nasty sludgey oil came out. After that i put the muffler back on and it ran better than it ever did.

    but i had the same problem as you. i thought i had enough gas in the tank but as soon as i toped it off it started up again. you might wanna check your fuel filter. i know alot of the gas tanks were filed with rust and it could clog it up.
  15. mackie4

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    Problem solved!!!! Centrifical clutch was rubbing on the cover and stalled the engine. Everything work now! Thanks for the help from all that replyed...
  16. arceeguy

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    Glad you got it sorted out!