Engine Swap to Titan?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bill555, Jun 16, 2009.

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    I have the Staton 33.5 Subaru friction drive. I'd like to swap out the 33.5 to the Titan engine to get some more hill climbing power when I take it to hill country. I guess this engine comes with the clutch pack and springs. Are there any parts I would need to make this conversion?

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    It is pretty much a direct bolt up, you may need to trim the spacers down that hold the engine to the channel, but that is it.

    Your Titan engine comes fully assembled and packed extremely well!

    Just add a good 10w-40 oil (11 ounces I believe) and fuel and off you go!

    I weigh in about 225 pounds myself and the bicycle is another 45 pounds or so and I can easilt tackle any hill near me without pedaling at less then half throttle!

    Very powerful engine in my opinion...

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    Steve, thanks for the confirmation that it will work. I plan on sticking with my 1 inch roller so hill climbing should be extra good.
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    I have a 1.25" roller on mine and I am actually thinking of going to a 1.5" roller...

    I have never used even 1/2 throttle to get up any hill near me, and some of them are quite steep!

    The 1" roller with the Titan may be too much power and not enough mpg's???

    I do have a 1" roller, but have not even took it out of the packing... The Titan has got some very nice torque and power to it!

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    Bill, I Have Been Running 49cc Friction Drives With 1/14" Rollers, To Much Power, Poor Fuel Milage. I Am Building Two Cvt Builds With The Titans. Have Not Road Tested Yet. As Steve Stated It Is An Easy Swap. The Titan Is The Only 4 Stroke That Bolts Up, In Stock Form .
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    Has anyone compared the specs on the crank shaft compared to the Honda 50 ? What I'm getting at is will the cluthch from the Titan fit on the Honda ? Seems like poeple are having a hard time finding clutches that will fit the Honda and work with friction drives.
    Thanks !