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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by fastboy9, Apr 7, 2008.

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    ok fair enough,thanks.

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    please help so frustrated with this thing but cant have a license!

    Just bought a iglobalbuy air intake 2 stroke motr ran for a day now it just chugs instead of start tried pulling spark plu off to check for sparkbut none so is it my cdi or my magneto coil? Havent pulled open mageto coil casing because of stripped screw so hope it the cdi. When i ride to start it i hear it revving like it want to go but cant figur it out.
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    the magneto can be easily tested with a mulitmeter - blue to ground will read 250ohm for old-style mags, 350 ohm for most mags, and 480 ohm for some newer mags
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    Hello, I bought a MegaMotors 66/80cc from bikeberry, installed on my schwinn, and got the bike to run once for a good 30 mins. Tried to start bike again and would not run what so ever, I noticed that i had wired the engine backwards and did a spark test and did not see any spark. Got a new CDI and new magneto, wired correctly (kill switch has been taken out and I have a new style magneto with no white wire), replaced plug cap with an NGK and replaced the factory spark plug with an E3 3.12. Tried to start bike again and it coughed, got spark and wanted to fire. I have not been able to get the bike to start again, i can hear it building compression but then it will just roll to a stop. I do have a fair amount of fuel dripping from the exhaust. Any help would be appreciated.
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    sounds like you might have left the petcock on & filled motor with fuel - board has info about clearing this
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    Checked everything on here and went through some of the procedures. All of my electricals are good and according to my father "hell yeah its got spark" after it shocked him. We tried to get it cranked today and it ran briefly but was struggling for power. Took the plug out and it was soaked. We determined it was flooding and that the oil/gas mixture had too much oil in it
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    still full of fuel - learn to turn off petcock and read about how to clear it out

    you won't end up with a good bike if you don't read a lot of stuff here
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    I hope this info helps you out. Screenshot_20160404-095309.png Screenshot_20160407-080831.png Screenshot_20160404-095309.png
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    I've been reading through all these threads and nothing? Any suggestions appreciated.. 80cc 2 stroke China girl..

    Had the bike running for over a month now no problems, the other day I was out with friends for a rip around our usual route and when I got home I left it idling no more than 1minute and the engine died?( never had this happen before even when engine was cold) I tried starting the bike later that day going to work and nothing? Even going down a bike as hill.. me and a few guys into there bikes have been working on everything possible with the engine and everything seems fine, it just won't fire.
    I pedal like mad, clutch out, engine rumble as I pedal (like it would for a sec before firing normally) slight smoke coming from exhaust but no kick, clutch in and it stops again
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    Check your fuel, the fine screen in the petcock going into the tank could be clogged.
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    look for dripping out of muffler - could be motor full of fuel
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    change the carburetor
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    Cheers for replies.. I have fuel flow.. muffler is leaking, now more so than before because it's not firing. Any ideas why tho? And how to sort that? Carb seems fine, why should I change?

    Cheers again
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    Still not exctly sure what the problem was but I finally got her going
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    Exactly correct!
    Just pull your plug and then pedal it around with the clutch out and engaged, gas mix tends pool in bottom when the engine won't fire, standard procedure here first.
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    Hi my bike was working absolutely fine, then on a regular day while I was using it on the road on my way to Walmart, I t started to fail, but it did not stopped. However on the way back it did not started, I felt that when i was releasing the clutch to get it started, it was braking or skidding, like if i pressed the brakes or something. Do you have any ideas please?
    Thank you,
  19. How do u tow the bike?
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    why tow it?
    just take off the chain and ride it as a bicycle back home