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    You drive chain may not be straight or too loose and the chain bunched up against the front of the back left side cover where the clutch arm goes in.
    Pull that cover, you'll see the scratches in the cover, just cut out where the scratches are in the cover.

  2. what the hell happen to my post bought a CDI from BikeBerry junk out of the box brand new junk expensive bu berry said take shot for them to see thats big relief cuz I don't wanta pay for shipping a dead thing back so they can toss it in the garbage in California I did the sparkplug test at ight had thousands of sparks went to bed with a smile next day tried to run it not even a pop the thing fluuxuates did the test again no spark ohms should be around 6 to 8 ohms not 171 means to much resistance.

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  3. Use ohms on a volt meter mag 300 to 450 ohms CDI
  4. Use volt meter ohms mag 300 to 500 Ohms CDI 6 to 8 ohms, but I'm not absolutely certain.
  5. Glad to hear some good news I 'd piss on a hot spark plug if would turn my engine try it tomorrow
  6. Got be careful and look inside the ring grove there is a little kiss button that part there is for the slit if you place it over way to goddamn big you'll never get your head over it also you must have at least 2 head bolts in to slide it over got to be match just right the is a sinch to know those 2 things had auto parts teller tell me take a large rubber mallat bang it the kid was f***ing nut don't do dont force if there need be forcce take another close look to see the ring did not turn over the kiss button you may need to reposition it other than that its a breeze.
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    I install the piston/rings into the cylinder while the piston is disconnected from the connecting rod.
    Then holding everything in place I install the wrist pin, bearing, and clips.
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    This is old but pretty useful if you want to test a stroke electrical system.

    I try to document neat things in my Tips and Tricks area so I can refer to them later on.
    And I still do.

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    I got it from the same person with same issues and yes the bolts are garbage. Did you figure out the solution because I really have the same problem.
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    i gyv up the @##$%&g cord broke and so did my patience can anyone gyv me a ballpark number as to wht a shops going to charge im in st.louis
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    I had my engine start 3 times today, I brought the bike into my garage to tighten the chain back up and went to make a sandwich. When I came out to start it again to go get my check, the engine would turn over and start and I was getting fuel in because it revved ip and down the way it should, but as I was pedaling the bike started to slow down and eventually stop, never getting to actually ride without pedaling and somehow never got the engine to run on its own. What could this problem be? Everything is brand new, plug is fine, gets spark under conpression and without. Its just when I pop the clutch, give it gas and keep pedaling that it starts to slow itself down and turn itself off