epa's ban



since the epa banned 80cc motors is it possable to smuggle all the parts
Necessary to to have a complete kit then build them here in the us. or even have someone send you individual motors.
ive been thinking about this alot because the 4 stroke motors are pretty ugly, big. and Clumsily looking to even think about putting on a bike.

ive also heard the ban was only for a limited time and that it might be lifted. does anyone have any info on this

Minnesota Hyena

I think you can buy engine from canada web dealer and make them send to US.

Spooky Tooth

"The" EPA ban on 2 cycles

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Here is the answer to your question about the EPA ban. The EPA adopted CARB II standards in 2006 forcing the 2 stroke market to smuggle the engines. Myself, being an importer, I can't morally rat on the folks who are currently doing it. But it is being done. A fine on a single engine either imported to or produced in the states is about $24,000. Funny enough, that is also the cost of the EPA's emission inspection. The reason the Starfire or Skyhawk factories haven't received the approval is because of the large cost involved w/ testing. The requirements for passing the test are also super strict and the test lasts for several weeks and or months. The 2 strokes aren't necessarily all that dirty when you take into account the small displacement and the percentage of emissions put out. Read the Spooky Blog. http://spookytoothcycles.com/content/view/54/9/
To break it down, the EPA ban is a teired system getting more and more strict in the coming years for both on-road and off-road vehicles. Our 2 stroke bicycles fall into the on-road category. The EPA office in Detroit and the office in DC go back and forth as to what the bicycle engine classification is to be. Well, not really. They can't actually seem to figure it out. One day someone said, "Do you drive it on the street? Then it is on-road." But, too late! If you're thinking of prompting your rich uncle to flip the bill for the EPA test cuz you really love your bicycle so much, the time has since passed for application.There was a time when Grube could have applied for a small business importer hardship which would have given him another year to bring the engines in, but the deadline on that too passed. Here be the juicy details and more details and more details.


so does this mean that the parts for these 2 stroke motors are not going to be sold any more.