EVERYONE PLEASE HELP us build a list of engines/motors



no, it's all good...i think most people here understand about model designation vs. actual displacement, but for anyone who didn't...you do now :D



augidog said:
the "engine type" option that tom applied for this phpBB software won't be going with us to the new software, but this list is gonna come in handy somewhere for sure.
augidog - that's a bummer! I thought it was so cool to have that so you could show in your name area what engine you boasted. But hey, you can't win 'em all!

Also [off this particular topic], when and if are we moving to new software? I know it was a topic of discussion a while back, but I don't remember seeing if a final decision was made...


we're gonna try our darndest to use it again, but it will probably take a while for tom to have the time...

the change is slated for mid-july...more inside the forum help area.


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Sep 1, 2011
Chinese 80cc Chain
Chinese 70cc Chain
Chinese 60cc Chain
Chinese 55cc Chain
Chinese 49cc Chain
Chinese 48cc Chain
Honda Cub-F 50cc Chain
Honda GX25 25cc Friction
Honda GXH50 49.3cc Friction
Russian D series Chain
GEBE R/S 35cc
GEBE R/S 25cc
GEBE Tanaka 26cc
GEBE Tanaka 32cc
GEBE Tanaka 40cc
GEBE Komatsu Zenoah 25.4cc
FBE R/S 35cc Friction
FBE Tanaka 40cc Friction
Tanaka 23cc~ Friction (Bike Bug, Sears Free Spirit, Montgomery Wards Lil' Devil)
Zipper 49cc~ (Tecumseh) Friction
Island Hopper 49cc~ (Tecumseh) Friction
Island Hopper 31cc~ (Honda GX31) friction
Island Hopper 48cc, 35cc and 25cc~ (Bridgestone) Friction
Dimension Edge 49cc~ (Tecumseh)discontinued
Dimension Edge 49.3cc~ (Honda GXH50) Friction
Dimension Edge 42.7cc~ (Mitsubishi TLE43)clutched or direct drive friction
Dimension Edge 33.5cc~ (Robin/Subaru EHO35)clutched or direct drive friction
Staton Inc. Tanaka 40cc and 47cc~ Friction, Geared/Chain drive
Staton Inc. Honda 49.3cc, 35.8cc and 25cc~ Friction, Geared/Chain drive
Staton Inc. Honda ~ Friction
Staton Inc. Mitsubishi 42.7cc, 33cc and 22.6 ~ Friction, Geared/Chain drive
Staton Inc. Robin/Subaru 33.5cc and 24.5cc~ Friction, Geared/Chain drive
Whizzer~ 148cc flathead 4-stroke Belt drive
Fox~ Friction
Chicken Power~ Friction
Monark Super twin Twin Cylinder~ Belt
Jack and Heinz Twin Cylinder~ Belt
American Chain Drive 48cc~ (Yotchi) Geared/chain
American Chain Drive 48cc and 35cc~ (bridgestone) Geared/chain

Heinzmann Electric Hub
Wilderness Energy Electric Hub
Bionyx Electric Hub
Crystalyte Electric Hub
Velectris Electric Hub
Cyclone Electric Sprocket Gear
Currie Electro (direct) Drive
Added a few electrics. Don't know if same manufacturer re-labels same motors for these brands
Solex Black´n Roll 4800............
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May 14, 2011
Hey Augi,Do the Harbor Freight engines a lot of people are using qualify for this list? I dont know enough about them to even list them, I'm sure someone else does. The predator is becoming very popular.
Big Red.


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May 26, 2008
Look at the dates on the posts, augi is long gone and started his own site.

Big Red

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May 14, 2011
Yeah, found him on Facebook.I didn't realize he had left this site completly. BUT, Same question, Do the predator engines qualify for this list?
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