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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by s_beaudry, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. s_beaudry

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    Here is mine...

    How about running this hose from the exhaust on the block and run it back horizontally to the stock muffler that is set up near the rear axle?

    Being a small inside diameter, I do not think there would be an issue with backpressure or such??

    Here is a link, may not be the exact size diameter, but they have plenty of sizes...


    Thoughts on this, or any thoughts of your own, please post them.....

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I wonder if that particular hose could withstand exhaust temperatures?
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    I checked my spark plug and I found out its running pretty lean. So I fixed the stock muffler and put that back on. It had a lot of power while it lasted though. It was running incredibly hot so I didn't like it.
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  7. Here is a pic of mine. I dont have a video, but it is quieter than stock.

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  8. ZnsaneRyder

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    I want to weld a larger pipe in place of the stock muffler, and run it into a regular car muffler so it is really quiet, and also has a lot of flow due to the size.
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    Here's a couple of photos of the mods that I made to my exhaust. It took almost ALL of that 2-stroke "crackle" out of the exhaust note and didn't seem to adversely affect power at all. It's much quieter than stock...I wasn't too sure until it fell off on my way home from work one day and the noise level went WAY up! I added another elbow and a straight piece onto it as shown in the second photo. It's now mounted with the sturdy hose clamp shown in the second photo, NOT the plastic tie wraps shown in the first photo.



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    ok sorry if i sound dumb but what is the gold looking cylinder?
  12. Warner

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    That is the 2nd muffler that I added. It is a 6 or 8 dollar Briggs and Stratton muffler designed for 6HP engines. Works good....

  13. alex

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    unraw, i got the pipe off of ebay, it was for a pocket bike or something. It was all of around 20 something dollars. It does require some welding though...
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    Thats still way cheaper than the pre made expansion chambers for our engines.
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    I LOVE IT!!!!!!! That is a HUGE muffler for such a small engine! You mention in that thread that it's quieter than ebikes, that's amazing.

    What's the majority of the engine noise you hear now? Is it the engine itself making noise from the moving parts inside the block, vibration to the frame, or do you still hear that exhaust some?

    I may do that ASAP with my bike trailer. After removing the RPM governor, the exhaust on my engine got so hot that the screws for the muffler cover vibrated out, and now it's louder because of the open screw holes in my muffler + higher RPM. I feel a car muffler would be the best way to quiet down my engine even at WOT.