Experience with Loctite Form-A-Thread?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jmccrury, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. jmccrury

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    The main annoyance I keep having with my HT is the exhaust pipe coming loose. Even with blue loctite it continues to vibrate loose. I stripped out the threads inside the motor not long after I got it because I tightened it too tight. I have that fixed in a way that I'd rather not mention, but I continued to battle the other side constantly coming loose. And now because of that the threads have stripped there too. I read on an old post that someone had used this for other stuff, but I was wondering if anyone else had successfully used this on their motors as it is a lot cheaper than a heli-coil kit.

    Also, as soon as I get this fixed I'm going to drill some holes in my exhaust. I had to drive it 3 miles today with only one screw holding it on and it was loose. I thought I was going to go deaf, but the power and throttle response were awesome! I had no problem going up hills and every time I twisted the throttle it would jerk me a little. And yes, I know that these little motors use back pressure from the engine to run correctly so I'm not going to continue driving like this. But if it wasn't for that I would just buy some ear plugs and take that thing off. :lol:

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    been a while since I bought one -- but
    I thought that heli-coils were fairly cheap ??

    have also had some luck
    using epoxy in those sloppy holes
    lock-tight form a thread - should work about the same

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  3. jmccrury

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    I guess if you consider $40 cheap. I consider it a little high to spend on a HT though. The loctite stuff is only around $10. I may have to get the heli-coil if this won't work though.
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    I just realized you were probably talking about the heli-coil inserts. They are cheap, but I would have to buy the install kit which is around $40. I can buy a new engine cylinder for $50.
  5. Mountainman

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    do you happen to have a small machine shop near by ?

    they might put a heli-coil in for around 10 dollars...

    I just seem to have some pretty good luck
    at our local machine shops.

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  6. jmccrury

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    I think I will check on that. Some of the tooling guys at the plant I work at have their own business on the side. They would probably do it for me real cheap.

    I also just saw that I can order a engine cylinder at bicycle-engines.com for $25. But the threads would also be weak so the heli coil would probably be better in the long run.
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  7. Mountainman

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    jmccrury -- that's cool -- tooling guys at the plant
    I would be willing to make a bet on this one
    price for repair free to 8.00 ---- leaning more towards free

    if you would - please let us know how it all worked out

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman