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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by KellT, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. KellT

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    I just got 2 new bicycles to work with. A Nel Lusso and a Schwinn Sidewinder.

    I want to fix these fender mounts since I've read a couple stories of them breaking and incidently, at Wally world one of the Nel Lussos already had a broken front fender.

    Has anybody tried to build up the fendme brackets or possibly fabricate their own. I've got a little buzz box so welding isn't a problem I'm just worried the fendme brackets are so thin as well as the fender itself, I don't want to burn into the metal, nor do I want to have a stress crack right next to my weld (have heard the heat treat on these bikes sucks.

    Has anybody done this on these chinamart bikes and how did it turn out. I'd like to keep the look and function of the fenders. I suppose also I could replace them with Whizzer/Cruzzer fenders

  2. Hello Moto!

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    I wouldn't think the fender mounts would break. There's hardly any stress or weight on the mounts. What would be more probable would be the hole in the fender itself wollering out and the fender pulling loose from the little bolt or screw. A good idea is to put washers under the screws that hold the actual fender to the frame mounts.
  3. TheJimGuy

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    Mounted fenders=bad. On the ones that you are describing, the tab that fastens it to the top of the front fork, is VERY flimsy. Another responder stated that they don't have to hold much weight. This is true. But, and this is a big but, that little bracket was not designed to withstand the vibrations that you are about to put on it. It WILL break. You my very well get a wrapped front wheel (crash). If you use a fender, get one that only has an upper clip (no support arms to the hub). These are designed to break away in case of any "pull" on it. One brand I recall was "Air Fenders" if memory serves.
  4. skyash

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    L bracket.
  5. KellT

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    Welded or bolted?
  6. skyash

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    Up to what you can weld.or pop rivets or bolts. And if you weld it you have to paint it