Finally a frame mount drive that works for me

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Its been a interesting journey over a peroid of 40+ years. Front and rear friction drives [slippage ].Rack mount GEBE and stanton [To much over the rear wheel for me]. tried Electric [No range] Frame mount drives Grubee stage 111 and Qmatic still didn't meet my needs. Now my bike is equipped with the grubee G4 which gets my top vote. My observations are---------
    Some have complained about the G4 being to wide which is true if you get the g4 that fits the HS142f cc [ Centrifical clutch]. My engine is the HS142f and uses the honda g4 drive which is not as wide as the HS142cc drive. I bought the 3 piece wide pedal/crank but noticed that my one piece wide crank does work[the belt cover was off for test run so crank might hit the cover when installed. The centrifical clutch needs a heaver spring so engagement will not be at idle.Maybe some clutch wear will take care of this point. My G4 unit has the 5 to 1 ratio,11 tooth freewheel output shaft driving a 56 tooth free wheel sprocket bolted to the grubee HD axle kit. The test drive came at evening. Very impressed with the torque and the ability to climb my grass coverd hill. All of my other bikes had to be pedal helped on this hill. Top speed with my big sprocket is around 30mph. Finally a well balanced bike with no belt slippage, no whinning gearsand no rear rack wobbles. Will do a 30 to 50 mile ride in the Morning and after the ride I will post my ride thoughs

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  2. So Bill... how is it that your Honda 4G will fit the HS motor ?, Im a bit confused as I thought they are completely different setups , I have the HS4G and it really is a lot wider than yours , other than that I have no complaints with it as a drive .
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    Nice looking setup & definetly a more dependable one than many others. I would fabricate some type of guard over the belts. If you wind up loving it,, I would transfer everything over to a good quality bike, though. GOOD LUCK with it !
  4. Quality Bike

    Boo Hoo sniff sniff. I thought my bike was good. Guard??? It has a guard:detective:
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    I answered this question with photos and more at
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    Hi Bill! - I hope i posted this in the right place.

    I have a Huffy Cranbrook, and I am somewhat hesitant on even using it because of what i'm hearing on the forum.
    a. hub not as sturdy as the rest of the wheel looks
    b. frame cracks.
    c. was the grubee hd axel kit cost effective?
    d.was it a pain in the but to unlace, relace wheel?
    e. what makes more sense?
    engine---> 1. grubee 4 stroke 50cc w/ grubee g4 drive kit
    2. subaru 4 stroke 35cc w/ staton rear chain drive
    I think I should have "bitten the bullet" and got the Grubee GT1,all set up for motorization.
    You thoughts/ comments please?

    Thank you! :)