First 80cc build.

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    I have received everything and began my installation Saturday 23rd. I figured I would do a bit each day. I first stripped the bike of anything I did not need on Saturday thru Monday. Monday I changed out the single brakes to a dual brake lever and installed the handle bars. On Tuesday I had to re-install the bikes 2 upright side handle bars. The mirrors I bought were not as flexible as claimed and this was the only way I could get them to work right. Wednesday I put the 41 tooth cog on. This was a night mare trying to fit my big hands in the wheel spokes to attach the screws. Later I will change the cog to a 14-12 tooth cog to get more speed out of the bike. I'm trying to put it together as directed. Later I will do the needed adjustment and updates. Thursday I installed the magneto coil box, gas tank, and I installed the throttler cable to the carburetor. I'm waiting for my brother to bring me 2 adapter steel plates for the engine and I with have everything completed by Friday and start my first test run.:sweatdrop::rolleyes7:

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    If you mean that you are going to install a 12 or 14 tooth sprocket replacing
    the 41 tooth you will be sorely disappointed when your bike will barely go.

    Unless your motor has performance upgrades you can't practically go smaller
    than a ~36 tooth sprocket on the rear wheel.

    Even on a modded motor the smallest usable rear sprocket is about 28 teeth

    A cog is a gear that turns another gear.

    You don't need to put your hands between the spokes if you use socket extensions.
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    He meant the front, countershaft sprocket, but I think there is only one size available, other than stock.
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    Thank you for correcting my mistake. I'm a nub at this. I intend to bore out the intake and out put hole to a bit bigger to increase the engine power. Shimano makes a wheel hub that will let me put a fixed gear on the opposite side of the rim. I have seen on YouTube were someone did this and is able to get 50mpr from his bike. This is with motor improvements included. I'm limited on money and tools; so I have to make do with what I have or monkey rig. LOL This is the big reason why I'm building a moped instead of buying one. The cheap moped I did buy spent more time in the shop instead of on the road.

    Today I tried installing the engine and found I had lost 2 bolts and nuts. I will have to wait till next week to buy the parts. It's so hard to keep track of my marbles let alone nuts and bolts. LOL