First build - It goes!

Hey All, took me a few hours longer than expected but here it is. Went fairly smoothly. I'm not 100% happy with the front mounts so will keep an eye on it very closely over the coming weeks. Started first go - well second go with a bit of choke adjustment - didn't need it apparently. Choke off is "down" right?. Pics from all angles with chain guard on and off.

Problem it's bloody raining all week here in Sydney so I gotta pick my times for test rides.

Cheers, Nick


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Yep,choke down is off.......your bike looks good.
I like that engine right down in the frame...makes for a much lower centre of gravity and hence better handling.
ONLY read further if u want constructive criticism:
1. Secure that muffler.
2. Get a GOOD chain tensioner.
3. Clean up your wiring.
4. That spring assembly for the clutch cable is wrong(
5. IF your using your white wire as a kill switch DON'T(
6. IF your using the standard Chinese chain don't.(

Other than these observations u did well....congratulations. :cool:


Looking good. It looks like you picked a frame with plenty of room for the engine.


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Jan 31, 2008
This is a general observation, but how does it figure if the carby is not level in regards to the float in the fuel bowl ?

The black painted engine suits the bike, what paint did you use for the engine ?


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Jan 26, 2008
Thanks for the constuctive feedback fetor.

Re: the muffler - I bolted it on with what was in the kit and put thread fastener on it. What else can I do to secure it more?.
I have a chain tensioner but left it off deliberately. To be honest I'm not sure why exactly, I guess I thought the chain was going to fit snugly and one less thing to go wrong. I'll also look into getting a KMC k910.
I also deliberately left off the little spring on the clutch cable because I couldn't really see any reason for it except to make it more difficult to install the clutch. Does it really serve any purpose?.
Killswitch - I will have to read that thread a few more times because I am somewhat dyslexic when it comes to all things electrical. Still spins me out I can plug stuff into the wall and it works. Thanks again - constructive feedback (I didn't take it as criticism) is why I'm here.

For the other questions it's a Skyhawk Grubee 80cc (66cc) and they sell for $370 off a bloke on ebay. I didn't paint anything - that's how it came out of the box.

I was a little worried about the carby angle too, but read on here somewhere that it doesn't matter too much - was good enough for me and it still works.

Cheers, Nick


sticklet,i havn't used the Skyhawk kit but this is how normal HT kits function :
The chain tensioner is important but if it's only the one without ball bearing construction bin it and get a trials bike chain tensioner(see pic)
The Chinese chain we call Stretch-o-matic for obvious reasons.
Your carby angle doesn't matter...i've seen them at silly angles and they still work fine.
With the muffler u should have got a metal strap with the kit to secure the muffler to the frame but that's not's a rubbish idea anyway.Use 2 hose clamps with a bracket inbetween(see pic)
That larger springs ONLY purpose is to be used as a heat shield for the clutch should NOT be serving any other purpose.
The smaller spring is used to help return the clutch arm....i personally don't use it and i havn't had any ill effects after 3000Km but that's up to u. :)

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Jan 26, 2008
Ahhh, so that's what that little metal band is for. Will do that before next ride.
I just took it for it's first 10Km ride and all was sweet but not before logic had prevailed and I fitted the chain tensioner (ball bearing model). Weird feeling at first and got a few funny looks. Had to pedal the last bit of a few steep hills cos I don't want to push the engine too much just yet. I think I'll be killing the engine when I'm anywhere near more than a few pedestrians so as not to draw too much attention.
I'll study that wiring link a bit more and see if I can make sense of it.

This is fun!


it's fully sic fun bro!

nice job, be gentle with her at first

and put some oil on that chain. god dam it! :eek:

watch out for cops! some good some bad

got a Tshirt yet?


Hey Stickler, Very cool build. There is a thread somweher about running w/o the tensioner, but I would wait till the chain streches.

"I also deliberately left off the little spring on the clutch cable because I couldn't really see any reason for it except to make it more difficult to install the clutch. " :LOL:
I remeber sitting on the floor of the garage having installed a motor on a bike, and for the love of Pete I could not get that clutch adjusted because of that dang spring.

Good work and enjoy the Happy Times.

Hey there FullySic! Long time no see. Doing well?