First build...Schwinn Cycle Truck on the road

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    Well with the exception of the chain hitting the rear fender my Cycle Truck is on the road. After reading all the woes involved with the chain tensioner I decided I would try to get away from it all together. I included a pic of the chain adjuster I made which consists on a notched piece on 3/4 angle iron bolted to the fender brace hole and a motorcycle type adjuster (basically a screw with a washer on its head). This allowed for a really fine adjustment. The chain that came with the kit is bent in a couple of places so it hits the fender intermittently (drives me crazy). I had a Hawthorne generator headlight hanging around so I hooked it up to the white wire and it works great. Kit is a BGF and was everything I could hope for at that price. The only thing left is a pedal chain chain guard ( I have a Cycle Truck guard but can't bring myself to cut it) and put more miles on the motor. Thanks to everyone for posting such helpful information.

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    You'll turn a few heads, for sure.
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    Excellent !! The front wheel/basket are the unique aspects.

    Crimping and cutting rare parts is a tough decision, I hope you can find a good substitute on the chain guard side.