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    As my tittle says, I'm stumbled upon MotorBikes last Sunday in search of somehow stuffing an engine into my bike to cut gas costs and within only a weeks time, this site gave me all the info I needed to complete my build. I ordered every thing this past week, you guys are great, thank you! :like lots:

    My current pedal-cycle is a 91 Rock Hopper 15" with 1x9 gearing, XTR goodies, Mavic rims, rigid fork and a Jand rack it. It's an awesome grocery getter, but not great on long rides for a 6'1" person AND too tiny for an engine :( I'm currently in search of a 18"+ CroMo with a 1 1/8" head tube for a suspension fork to build up off of. Aluminum is a second choice. I'll find it by the weeks end and then the build begins; or should I say "assembly"...

    My simple list:
    4GT Belt Drive
    SBP 4 Stroke Shift Kit
    SBP Billet Throttle
    .5gal tank
    Universal Lever Throttle

    I purchased the Lever Throttle as a back-up or extra; this def won't be the last project. I'm hoping someone chimes in here to help further guide me. So far the only problem I see is the throttle-to-carb mating, but I'm sure there are many more.

    Thanks again!

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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome MPG's,
    FIRST, I think you should know, aluminum frames are NOT the frames for a motorized. They just can't take the vibration involved with a motorized. Every one I ever used came back with a busted frame. I think most on this site will agree with me on this. I've got almost 7 years and around 60 builds behind me so I've dealt with a lot of frames. STEEL is the way to go.
    Other than that, you seem to be headed in the right direction. This site is the place to be for anything motorized.
    Shiney Side Up,
    Big Red.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like you are pretty much on the right track. What are the laws in your state like re: mopeds/motored bikes in regard to auto transmissions?
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    Lou! you've been of great help through out the boards. Thank you.

    BigRed, we're going to have to meet up. I live in downtown SJ, born n raised. :) Thanks for the tips on the frames, that aspect of aluminum never occured to me... plus I've always ridden steel and love it.

    What about the throttle? My engine's still in the mail, so I haven't even seen the setup and all of the threads I'm finding with the search are are from 2008.?.? Sure I can start a new thread, but I feel with the popularity of the engine that there's probably already dozens.
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    Thanks! Its a pleasure to be here.

    I'm in San Jose, CA. The law's fuzzy, or to me it is at least.
    Seems they don't want a separate transmission added to the engine. However, I'm not adding a transmission...
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    Okay then, and not to be argumentative since you probably have your mind made up and I assume are aware of any consequences but because other readers lurk through these threads it might be noted and made clear what CA regs say is legal. Shift kits would not be defined as automatic transmissions.
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    I agree, facts should be posted. So in CA, the law is no shifting with an engine?

    I guess we can say as long as I ride this on Private property, I'm all good... ;) I suppose a Nexus hub or a paralyzed cable-less derailleur could do the *trick*
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    It's arguable (and probably will be) but that's the way the law reads. It's up to the individual to do their own due diligence to contemplate what the effects of that might be. And yes, private land or closed tracks would indeed be outside the jurisdiction of those state regs. BTW, thanks for a civil discussion.
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    I think you may be right. As long as you don't physically shift it and the bike does it ALL BY IT'S SELF, then it is an automatic transmission. You would at least have a good arguement in court. The law in California say's that once the clutch is engaged it has to be automatic. It doesn't say you can't have more gears that shift on their own. But even the Nexus hub has a slide lever to shift it, so you are physically shifting it, It's not REALLY automatic.
    I don't know about the handicapped:jester: cable-less derailleur, I'll check it out. But seems to me that if it were legal a lot of motorized riders would be doing it.
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    Automatic Transmission is exactly what the CA law reads... Which is odd, seeing as I don't of any in existence that would work with <50cc engine. MaxTorque makes these but they require at least 3hp and will only bolt to the larger engines and unfortunately they're not planning on building anything for these small engines.
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    The Hua Sheng Honda knock off tranny SHOULD fit the genuine Honda engine. BUT, I can't say FOR SURE. I think they just took the Honda spec's and called it Hua Sheng. I've only worked on a couple of the knock off's and never a genuine honda. Perhaps someone else can give you a better answer. When you get your engine in I know a guy I can try to get in touch with that has a Hua Sheng. I think he'll let me check out his tranny for a fit on the Honda. Then we'll know FOR SURE.
    Anyway MPG's, I think it's time to take this discussion to the Garage-4 stroke forum. Do a search for any questions you have that may have already been answered. If you still need help get in touch and we'll figure it out. I think the INTRODUCE YOURSELF thread has gone on long enough. Just let me know what forum or thread you wind up in so I can keep track of your progress.
    Big Red.
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