First post here, hello new friends, brothers, sisters!

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    I am making my first post on motorbicycle forums, and I just wanted to meet everyone! I am looking to get to know you wonderful people and exchange ideas about bicycle motor setups and everything else! I am so happy to be posting here, I had been waiting for quite some time. I plan on becoming a regular and other than that, just hello!
    Ill give you all some background about where I live, I am on the east coast of south florida, everything is right along the coast, and since its not uncommon to go 30miles up the coast with no public transportation avail, lots of people ride bikes! And in the last few years, people are beginning to really get motored, maybe 1 in 3 bikes now have a motor, and you can hardly take a 20 minute drive from morning until dusk without seeing a motor bicycle on the sidewalk. There is a motor trike around, motorbicycles everywhere, and last month, a guy was headed down the sidewalk on his 4-stroke Honda kit towing a trailer and we stopped to talk, since I think we are two of the only 3 4-strokes I had seen around, he asked me if he was headed on a southbound path, and as it turns out, he had gone from Texas to Louisianna to North Carolina, and was on his way down to the Keys on his motor bicycle. Very rugged motorbicycle story. If anyone is in Florida and wants to ride, i'm looking for someone to take a ride across the keys with (20 mile stretches of bridge through deep ocean and islands to hop!). Anyways
    If anyone would like to say hello and become friends please email me at! All people who love motorbicyles I would love to befriend, and also I will be around on the forums alot!
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