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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by UKtheBUNNY, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. UKtheBUNNY

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    First off this is my first project and yes I'm new to the forums.

    I'm putting my order in on Friday for the engine and I'm debating whether or not to mount this to my current bike (a Kona Cinder Kone) or not. I'm thinking I'll look for one that somebody is throwing away. The city picks up larger trash tomorrow in our neighbor hood so I may look for one tonight and tomorrow morning.

    Any suggestions?

    What I'm getting:

    I understand that this is really just a 66cc engine

  2. Happy Valley

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    Since you've decided on an engine and supplier I guess you're asking about suggestions on a bike.
    Not sure what year or shape your Kona is in but if it were me and it was in reasonably good shape I would definitely NOT use it. Not because it isn't any good, but rather because they are a classic in themselves and made from 7005 series aluminum. I really prefer steel frames for motorizing, particularly with a HT engine.
    I don't mean to say they are no good to use, just to me it would be a shame to take such a great mtb out of service for what it was made for, or alter it in any way because they fetch pretty good resale money if you decide to unload it.
  3. UKtheBUNNY

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    I appreciate the feedback. I agree completely. Last night I starred at my bike and started thinking that if I'm going to do this I'm going to tap the frame rather than using the U-Bolts and tap the rear wheel's axle instead of using the sandwich to mount the sprocket. In that same thought I decided not to use the Kona. I like the bike too much.

    So my plan now is to:
    Bolt the motor to the frame instead of using U-Bolts
    Modify the rear wheel's axle instead of using the sandwich to clamp the sprocket

    A buddy has a MIG welder that I can borrow so this could be an option