First ride! A lot of fun, a lot questions.

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by upful living, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Well I fired her up for the first time tonight! It was awesome. But I ended up hiking my MB home a few times while having to hold the back wheel off the ground. I can't seem to get the tension right on the chain.

    Well a few questions came up.

    The engine starts, but only if I crank the throttle a bit. Once the clutch is pulled the engine cuts. What should I adjust to allow the engine to idle?

    The engine cruises. But only to about 15mph. It doesn't sound quite right. And I know that 80cc should be able to break 20mph. I didn't want to blast it to hard till it breaks in. But my motor definitely needs some tuning. Is it all in the Idler screw. Or should I be playing with something else?

    Thanks everyone!

    ~Keepin Upful

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  2. the the screw in clockwise for it to idle without you needing to throttle it.
    it will go faster after breakin but it sounds a little slow,unless theres alot of weight on the bike and youre riding offroad too.

    the bike looks very nice,i bet it will be fun to ride when you get everything right.
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    Perfect thanks Cabinfever. I spent some time at the Bike shop adjusting my chain lengths. Now everything is running well. I rode for about 10-15 minutes before shutting down. The idler screw was so far off, no wonder it wouldn't idle correctly. Thanks again.
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    Chain Breakin Blues

    hey Upful..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to Mbc..You might want to consider getting rid of those cheap chinese chains that come with some motors..we went to a chain supplier and bought a good quality, better steel chain that wont twist side to side..called "Fenner Roller Chain" (size)..415 S (S for motor bike quality and specs) more chain breaks or fling offs, and its pitch is the same as the supplied chain which means it snuggles into the sprocket well. Also made sure the chain tensioner was perfectly aligned and fitted solidly...want to get a small skateboard wheel which of course runs on ball bearing racers, and fit two large metal washers to each side as rails to manage the chain better, bigger the washer, less chance of flipping over the side and chopping into your back spokes (or calf muscle)...trial and error..(less error I hope)..your bike looks great, just needs some tinkering..good luck ENO (Oz)
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    nice! I'm jealous. can't wait to begin my build. Just got my Grubee, and will starting my build shortly.