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    i had the bike put together now for about 3 weeks but i couldnt get the chain to stay on the sprocket and it would keep coming off the tensioner. I decided to buy a motorcycle chain breaker (which was half the price for the kit but i have a motorcycle and figured i'd be able to use it on that as well) and mounted the chain straight from the from the sprocket to the rear wheel. I put the wheel close to the opening on the drop out so when it gets loose i can tighten it much like a motorcycle as well where i can just move it further up the dropout. Also made the bike a single speed, i tested it out on an empty parking lot and it runs fine. Initially i had a problem with the throttle where throttle had very little response and the engine would rev to the sky as soon as i pulled in the clutch. This was cause the little grey dowel that holds the pin center was stuck up top and pretty much caused the carb to be on wot the entire time. Iam hoping this doesn't destroy my engine because i ran it like this for perhaps a whole minute in total (over various time periods) while trying to trouble shoot it. I have to say iam a little bit impressed with the build, it works good and at slower speeds its actually quite good.
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    Glad to hear that things are coming together. I run without a tensioner, too. Figure I'll adjust the tension with the axle and dropout. Seems to work just fine.

    Your throttle issue probably didn't destroy your engine. (though I'm no authority on this)
    If you had a break-in fuel/oil mix (2 stroke?), you're probably allright.

    You'll have fun. Good luck.