First test ride few weeks ago

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by MasterLink, May 26, 2008.

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    this is the first test ride few weeks ago i didnt want to go to fast and i had the stock muffler box on it that was more or less no adjustments to the linkage or governor iam on a 48 tooth u can hear the gear box iam goin much faster now

    i had to try that sand rideing i was at navy pier in Chicago's lake Michigan, this vid is hard to see harder on me was about 11 pm and very dark out... i found out sand beats the **** out of your bike i cant ride on dry sand but with 2 hands i could go faster on wet sand anyways it was a blast.i have the muffler that came with the kit on very quiet and seems that the motor ran hoter or i was just on it longer not sure yet ?

    vid should work now
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    Wow, how many stop signs did you blow through in that video alone?
    Vids like that probably don't paint a good picture for the people in law enforcement who visit this site.
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    yea i think yer talking to me..i blew all of them but good point just to clear things up theres no real traffic on that road and a stop signs every 1/2 block funny thing is if u lived here u would understand but you dont so you cant....and please speak for yourself next time :grin:

    that was my first ride out i dont ride like that and i needed room to get that vid off with one hand can do that here on the main drag
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    Really?? Every half a block? What's the point in that?

    I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best ambassador, but I do at least yield at all traffic signs, since that's what our state handbook says & no cop would dare pull a bicyclist over for that reason. Majority of the time, people still wave me on even if I do stop... I guess they don't realize that I've got a motor, too!
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    a lot of biker riders here take the lights here and stop signs when iam in traffic i set still for them on some blocks are mayor put these big round flower beds in the middle of the streets on some of are side streets and hoods everyone hates them and we now we have speed bumps in the middle of all the newly paved streets in the car u have to go about 15 mph to keep from hiting yer head in your car this is the same jurk that took a airport out in the middle of the night at megs feild i know the world is watching us i do my best to be cool ride safe to stay out of trouble we all should so we can keep are bikes on the roads peace out !