floating clutch gear on ht?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by hill climber, Oct 12, 2008.

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    ok i looked for hours but no answer. i have 2 ht kits. on 1 the clutch gear, the large gear, seans to float . with the cover off and the clutch lever pulled the large gear moves alot on the center shaft or what ever it rides on. is this normal. the other motor i have is not like this. the motor has about 800 miles on it and is running good. this gear worrys me because of excessive wear do to more mesh. should i worry? anyone else notice this? thanks for all the hekp already. hill climber

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    There is 60 3mm ball bearings..the gear rides on,

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    so am i missing bearings making it loose?(pot metal disintigrating or is the cone that holds the flywheelon not on far enough to make the bearings ride in the right place? thanks hillclimber
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    of all the clutchs I have had apart, NONE have been as tight as I think a bearing assembly should be:(
    In the one pictured, the cone (pressed race) had come apart,(press fit) I finally found some USA made bearings, put it together and still loose.:yuck: