Florida/Kissimmee MB rules

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    So, I just came back from my buddies house(he is a St cloud ,Fl sheriff) if you would care to know the rules for MB here you just have to register your bike at the tax collecter for 20 bucks and they use the serial number from your bike as a 'vin" number and you have to carry the registartion with you just in case you get pulled over.
    He also told me you can ride on the side walk ,but in certain areas you cant ,so he said walk it or ride in the street ,light are needed for night rideing and the police prefer you to have a solid red back light and a solid white front light.thats it i cant wait to get my MB'in on .....:helmet:

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    Im surprised you didnt get any posts from a certain gas MB registered "agitator".

    This agitator will probably tell you that you fabricated a VIN# and lied... cite you the law and tell you that you cant LEGALLY register a gas motorized bicycle. ...blah blah blah.

    I bet this person will post a respond shortly.

    Do you ride a MB? Got pics?

    Thank you for sharing the info. :)
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    Wow seriusly that would be pretty much like the the forums on a certian mmo i play lol but really yea i made a deal with this guy going to get mine today.even the guy im buying mine from said you dont have to regester it but i ll go one further ill pot a pic of the bike and of the reg,im just trying to dur things the right way and for a fee of 20 to make the cops happy so be it !
    are there any like things i should or should not due like ride it across the state lol i mean time why 2hr 3 hr it that to long to keep the engine runing ?:helmet:
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    Cool! Looking forward to see the pics.
    I agree with doing it the right way. No hassles- supposedly.

    Run time is a good question.
    Did you search the forum for the answer?
    There is alot of seasoned awesome MB'ers here that are more than willing to help.
    I dont know. I guess cruising at 70-80% of capacity 2-3 hrs. should keep your engine ok.
    I also guess it depends what engine you have and its condition.

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    It is nice that you found somebody who allowed you to register the MB and did not add there personal opinion into it. I lived in central Florida for 17 years. When I lived in Polk county I attracted the attention of some idiots. When I moved into Lake county the stupidity stopped. I have never had problems when I was with at least one other rider. Watch your back when you are on lightly traveled roads.
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    There are a few of us here in Saint Augustine. The cops don't pay any attention to us one way or the other. The motorist are very tolerant to us too. Once I get the Dyno Roadster setup I'll try to contact the others about a group ride. I just finished stripping down the trike.

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    Ride on sidewalk under pedal power only.
    Need DL to ride (gas powered bicycle)
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    Also, as discussed in another thread....

    Procedural PDF from the Florida DMV

    the exerpt pertinent to this conversation is this.

    3. Scenario: A company is advertising on TV a gas engine kit that can be added to a bicycle. The engine is tied into the pedal system like a Moped and it has to be pedaled to start the engine. It is advertised that the bicycle will be propelled to 30MPH.

    Q. How is the tax collector supposed to register this bicycle/gas engine assembly?

    A. The definition of bicycle under s. 316.003(2), F.S., includes motorized bicycles. Bicycles are not registered or titled. Engine kits for bicycles are not new and there are a variety of kits available, however, they remain bicycles after the engine kit is installed. There are other requirements that must be met to be classified as a motorcycle/scooter/moped such as frame assembly and safety features.
    The agent should also direct the customer to law enforcement if there are any questions as to where the motorized bicycle can be used.

    Now note that this is ONLY in regards to registration and has nothing to do with licensing requirements

    You'll also notice that it states you should check with your local law enforcement as to WHERE they can be ridden.
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