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    Been lookin' around here for a while.Some real craftsmen here. I am mostly a motorcycle guy who found the clamp on kits with a motorcycle style clutch and accessories intriguing. Bought a kit but haven't mounted it to anything yet. Been a fabricator for over 30 yrs so that will probably come in handy.
    Saw my first kit mounted on a bike in person on Sunday. The guy said he came from San Diego. It seems likely he had been on the road a while, and probably was, since I am located in the heart of Texas, far from San Diego. He looked like he had all his camping gear tied to a rack on the handlebars and he was pretty straggly and sun kissed.

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    You found my Dad!!! :smilielol5:

    You'll have fun building your bike..... can't wait to see it.

    Welcome to MBc.