Noob from Maine


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Jun 14, 2009
Howdy. I'm a 70 year old retired guy that's always looking for a project. Been riding, repairing and overhauling motorcycles for 50+ years so two wheels and an engine is nothing new to me. I have a pretty complete shop and basic welding and machining skills and equipment.

Thinking a motorized bike would be just the ticket for a Winter project and will have some questions along the way, particularly in regards to the drive train.

The idea just occurred to me after some references on a motorcycle forum I hang out on so I'm strictly in the "looking for parts" phase at the moment. The motor will probably be a Chiwanese kit from an on-line source, but the basic bike will have to come first and will likely be a Yard Sale Special. My initial thinking is a board-tracker style bike.

So first things first: Any suggestions as to what I should look for in a donor bike are welcome.
You can pick up an inexpensive bike that will fit the engine at Target. I bought this for $99.00 bike in the. picture below brand new and it is called the Magna Rip Curl. I peeled the stickers off and it looks like old motorcycle. Good luck in your search. My advice is to match the catch. If you have a chineese engine, get a chineese bike. If you have a Japaneese engine, get a USA bike or a comprable bike found at your local bike store. This way one will not outlast the other, and you will have a bike you will be proud of no matter how much you spend.


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May 6, 2020

I'm still doing single left hand side engine drives for now...

They are """normally""" the easiest too start with,,, i have a Jack-shaft assmebly kit,,, but its a bit of extra efforts """if""" i plan on using it...

Pretty busy with farm operations,,, any free time I have I'd rather ride any of the 4 bikes we have... less tinkering and more miles... 😁👍

Just me and our group of riders that is...

At times id like too change gears,,, but I'm ok with simple for now,,, of course that couldn't change at any time Paul... lol

Once you get a build under your belt,,, you will see how Easy it really is,,, especially if your a tinker...

A person will learn alot from the single speed build,,, no one said you can't do that first,,, then attempt a Jack-shaft kit after that,,, endless possibilities...

I bet you'd love to start off simple Paul,,, that way you can get into the groove of things ...

Reap the rewards with less efforts,,, rack up a crap load of miles,,, and sit back dreaming about the next unit...

At $240 in Cnd funds it's hard not too keep building bike after bike,,, you can give them too your friends and family if you end up with too many of them... Lol

Just an idea is all...

Like I said on another thread,,, it's kind of nice to see what simple is,,, that way we can return too it if that works for us,,, getting bugged down one a first build """could""" take a bit of the fun out of it,,, thats not a greater way too get started ...

Good luck Paul,,, there are lots of great folks on this forum too help you out if you're need information...



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Aug 24, 2020
Still interested, haven't bailed. Life just got in the way.

Fall yard sale season will kick in any day now, I should be able to pick up a suitable frame for cheap.