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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tommy Griffin, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Tommy Griffin

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    I want to get a motor on a 29 inch mountain bike . What will be the best choice ? Gimme some suggestions on frame please .

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    One with a straight seat tube. Many "29er" bikes come with a bent seat tube to get the tyre clearance without making the rear stays too long. You don't want this. You can fit a Sick Bike Parts shift kit on the straight seat tube. The frame needs some vertical room inside. A lot of "29er" bikes have a very low top tube. You can get away with so much. Look at the photo's on here and guess. :rolleyes:
    Steel / cro-moly would be great.
    KC did a very nice Surly build..
  3. Marine One

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    image.jpeg I have a 29" Ironhorse SR Suntour that works great. It's a little tight getting a stock NT carb on it but that is easily fixed with an offset. The only real problem that I had mounting it was the downtime from the front forks is pretty wide and thick so I had to get a wide adapter from offline and some local fabrication but I haven't seen a better built bike for close to the same amount. Really Really strong frame! Disc brakes and front adjustable suspension.
    I did have to do some fabrication on the rear disc because I got a CNC sprocket but it only took an afternoon to find my parts at Lowes and install it and get it all lined up. But that is a personal choice. You can stick with the rubber compression sprocket mount on the spokes and won't have that issue but you run more of a risk of warping your spokes and un-truing your rim. Like I said, personal choice.