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  1. has anyone got the bearing type tensioner? i go thru a lot of plastic wheels, as my frame does'nt have the rear wheel slide to tension the chain. i'm a mechanic but can't find a good metal wheel with spring adjustment, has anyone got a link? regards bill

  2. Take your used plastic roller and go to Lowes or Hugh M Woods.
    Go to where they sell sliding doors and find a roller that's wide enough.
    I dunno but maybe they have one wide enough. How bout getting two side by side?
    ...I may just do this myself...

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  3. thanks very much large filipino, i would never of thought of a door roller, as i'm a mechanic i'm looking at timing belt tensioners all the time, to see if one will fit, many thanks bill
  4. Let us know what you find. My plastic one's about had it too and although I have a spare,a good metal one would be nice.
    Get that part number too!
  5. yes i will, as my rear wheel will not move to tention the chain i'm lumbered with the plastic one, i hate having one as without one the peddel is great you can't feel any friction, regards bill
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    Actually that is one of the few things I haven't had trouble with, but I would think a serpentine belt tensioner, or lawn mower tensioner would work.
  8. ditto it would, you may of not rode your bike alot of miles, but that tensioner is not up to it, it needs modding to give longer life to the bike
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    First, let me say, I am all for any improvements to our bike kits.

    I have used the same plastic tensioner wheel for 4 years now, without fail. I ride nearly everyday. This is the old style, with no bearings.

    Sounds to me like you might be running your chain a wee bit too tight.

    Is anybody else having problems with the kit's plastic roller? wearing out or breaking?
  10. Yea but I like mine a bit firm cause the firmer the chain the smoother the delivery.
    When it's too loose sometimes it locks up or when you release the clutch when starting it wants to slow down or stop.
    With a firm chain,it's a smooth delivery every time.
    I personally would go without the tensioner but my frame too doesn't have any adjustments. It's a Diamond Back frame.
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    Lots of gear lube on the roller or lithium grease might make it last awhile longer. The less the friction, the less the heat and wear. Might have to strip the lube off every so often and relube, if you l;ive around sand or dirt roads.
  12. I was also thinking maybe a gear from a rear deraillier from a 10 speed or mountain bike but how would the chain spacings compare?
    That to me would actually be cool for there's nothing in the gear or chain that want to be worn if you follow my drift. It would spin with the chain rather than besides it.
  13. So with nothing better to do today I decided to go out there and salvage a rear derallier from a Huffy salvage bike that I needed that back rim. And wouldn't you know it? IT WORKS!!
    Here's a short video:

    The pics below is my pretty worn out tensioner along side the derailier sprocket. Remove the bushing and you have a nice hole to slide in a bolt with a couple of nuts.
    Also below is my new tensioner that I keep in my toolbox from DAX. Notice the difference. The one I got from Duane is a roller bearing one. I never used it yet.
    I'm gonna leave it at this and keep my tensioners in my tool pouch. I mean what can go wrong?
    The chain can come off. Easy fix.
    I want to see how long this will last.
    Stay tuned.

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    doc... I've never used a drop of lube on my old-style tensioners....ever gave it a thought. I might now....good idea.

    Large....good idea with the derailer sprocket!! keep us posted!! thanks! :cool:

    my post was to jetskibill about the tight chain.
    if you are causing damage to the plastic roller...then a metal roller might start causing wear to the chain. At first, I was unsure of the plastic rollers, but they seem to last a long time. Mine are used more for routing than tension.
  15. I don't think I ever want to use Duane's tensioner wheel cause it's so pretty.
    Is there something wrong with me?
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    Large, looks good and I hope it holds up. Please keep us informed after a few miles.
    Dave, Lube can make it last longer due to no friction but if you get the sand in there, it will do the opposite. Will become a grinding wheel, so to speak. So, base your decision on your area and how much you want to maintain it.
    Oh ya, Large, does the pitch match perfect on the HT chain, or does it pop every so often?
  17. It matches PERFECT! It's pretty unbelievable,but there it is cause I know that ten speed chain don't line up with a bmx sprocket but because this gear is cut instead of pointed,the little grooves line right up. I brought the bolt further in as you can see it sticking towards the spokes but still kept it loose enough to spin freely. I took the nut and bolt from an old gooseneck which is perfect cause that bolt has that smooth neck and a flat top.
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    Thats great Large, I don't know how the metal against metal will last but if you lube it good, should be ok. Like I said, let us know the track record. Awesome!
  19. It's not metal. It's like a hard plastic teflon. I guess Huffy makes them plastic.
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    Wow, this is the second time I gotta chew shoe sandwich tonight! Yech! Carry on Large. I would still lube to keep the friction level down.