Freewheeling and pedalling with a pusher

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by habcores, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. habcores

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    I built a push cart but never finished it because I could not figure how I could pedal without ending up pulling the push cart when the power was off. How do you folks that have and use push carts manage your power? On all the time and just idles until you need the power? Just use power all the time? Some sort of free wheel set up? Thanks

  2. tjs323626

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    With power off you pull the cart and the chain and clutch bell rotate. You do have a clutch don't you? What is your setup?

  3. habcores

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    Tom- thanks for your reply. I am punting on the design I had about 60% finished. I was building the cycle bully from and decided to go gas instead of electric. The weight will probably be close to the same so if I gotta pull something around I guess it ought to respond when needed. It would be nice to have an electric start gas motor so you could start it while moving but weight and money precludes that idea. Will definitely have a clutch. I have a Shimano Nexus hub on the tadpole trike I built,also from AZ plans. The hub is nice but the drag is noticeable. Will post a photo if turns out Ok.
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    Missed your point about clutch

    Tom replied to a message and question I asked about freewheeling with a pusher and I missed his point. I will have a clutch on the 3.5 HP Briggs but now I find I do not know the types of clutches and how they can be used. What I want to happen is that when peddling along you can engage the clutch thus turning over the engine and starting it while moving. I know this is an option on the bike kits but not even sure they make such a thing for pushers. Need some strightening out here.
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    It would be possible to use a freewheel at the driven wheel. I think you would need to use a bicycle wheel with right side drive and freewheel. One can find electric start engines also. This one could be made to work:
    It requires a gearbox with the 78mm clutch bell. That's a common clutch and many gearboxes fit it.

    If you are set on using the Briggs you might try this clutch:
    It is found about the middle of the page.

    I don't know of any setup that will allow for bump starting with this engine.

    Hope this helps.

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    Great stuff Tom. Thank you for the websites and your advice. I will most likely stay with the 3.5HP Briggs just because I have it and feel like I need the extra push for the hills around here(Mtns of North Georgia). The BMI site has a lot of items that I will probably need. You answered my clutch questions. Richard