fuel enhancer, octane boost?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by stinger48, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    i have been testing different fuel additives and found 1 that really works!:grin:now paint the picture 115kg male 48cc bike 44 tooth gearing slighty overworked i felt, till i put some australian engine starter mixture in the tank called "start ya bastarrd" i sprayed in twelve seconds worth into the fuel went for a good ride and noticed more torque more revs and speed ,im getting 53kph top speed .thinking i was wrong i did the same test over three tanks of gas and have had the same result every time the mixture contains 25% ether and some other stuff im not sure of ,but its explosive, this stuff is ment to fire up hard to start engines but it works like a octane booster! can anyone shed some light on other fuels that people have run in these little engines that give genuine performace boost and still keep reliability? thanks ps out of the country for 3 weeks so i wont be able to read the replies till then ,but in the mean time please try the octane booster but do so at your own risk as i dont want any sorry faces out there if someone goes to far:shock:

  2. gauge

    gauge Guest

    im confused to u spray it or dumb it in the tank
  3. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    i just put on the long thin nozzle that comes with the can and place nozzle in the fuel tank and spray it in, i used about 12 seconds worth to a full tank of juice and i feel i got more power than i normaly do and i always use 98 octane premium fuel anyway so to get a power boost on top is a bonus :grin:
  4. minibiker

    minibiker Guest

    it sounds to me like your going to fry something on the insides with that kind of adjustment, that happend in some of the posts ive seen where they did that with nitrous. it causes it to burn hotter and seize so be careful with it
  5. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    thats why i said to use only a 12 second spray in the fuel tank with a full tank of juice just to raise the octane level a little
  6. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I've always heard NO to any octane boosters, in fact, the Japanese motors want to use the lower octanes. This includes umpteen small engine repair shops.

    Bonneville Salt Flats, drag racing would be another matter, but I know how many miles a drag engine runs in a lifetime.

    So now somebody is saying YES?

    Sounds like a potential MB.bogus moment. :shock:
  7. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    hang on were talking chinese engines here not precision japanese units ,the classic 2 stroke design that these engines use are a low compession low stress unit but it is always the same deal if you increase horsepower the engine will wear out faster unless you use premium lubrication , but do you really think that me buying pump gas in australia is the same as what everyone else is buying ,with so many companys making or blending there own so called petrol blend eg 98 high octane,v-power,synergy8000,ultrahigh unleaded,ethanol blends the list goes on ,all im saying is that if your fuel where you live isnt up to scratch you can pep up the fuel a bit and make the bike feel a bit less lazy. thanks for your feed back .. ps i am flying out tommorro so this is my last post for about 4 weeks cheers
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  8. kevbo

    kevbo Guest

    I'm not disputing that this is giving you a power increase. But it is almost certainly NOT due to an increase in effective octane, and may well be because you are LOWERING the effective octane. Octane rating is a measure of a fuel's tendancy to avoid detonation. Ether is rather notorious for causing detonation....exactly the opposite effect of higher octane.

    High Octane fuel burns slower than lower octane fuel. If you raise the compression ratio, then you can make high octane fuel burn as fast as low octane fuel, and get more power due to the increased effiency (cooler exhaust) of a high compression ratio engine. This is why high performance engines need high octane gas....low octane fuel will detonate at these compression ratios.

    If the engine has low enough compression to not ping on low octane fuel, then increasing the octane will REDUCE power due to the slower burning. It is the engine design that allows a racing engine running on racing gas to produce lots of power....not the racing gas itself.

    So your starting fluid may be correcting the problem you caused by running excessivly high octane.
  9. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    i run premium gas with some ether mix and STP brand octane booster, its supposed to be deluted in 17gallons of gas in a car tank but i just dump the whole think into my little half gallon tand, the i pour some gas treatment in there and i run the best 2 stroke oil there is Maxima, castor927 performance racing oil, the best oil i'll ever use, we run it in all our 2 stroke dirtbikes. eventually i'll be running vp racing fuel in my 4 stroke that i'll soon have, i sold my 70cc motored bike. we used to run vp in out quads and my dads harley, as low as only $10.00 a gallon, lol, its all worth it

    thanks jon
  10. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    when you lean out a 2 stroke you make the fuel mixture burn faster if the fuel mixture is rich it will burn slower due to the lack off oxygen in the mixture regardless of octane level , i understand what your saying my engine runs smoother quieter no pinging and is more willing to pull at low revs has more pickup and revs out higher at top end, all im saying is that i have tried normal unleaded ,premium , synergy8000,vpower,and other fuels and have found all of them go ok , but if i squirt a bit of engine starter in there as well i can feel the difference and i weigh 115kg in all it feels like im getting 1/4 -- 1/2 hp more go figure,,has any body tried avgas it 100 octane aviation fuel i put some in and old 250cc motor bike some years back and it felt like the bike turned into a 350cc but mind you it didnt last long all that extra power caused the main bearing to fail due to its age "but the proof is in the pudding"
  11. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Well, by that token, you could load up liquid nitroglycerine, hit the speed of light (for a short distance). At least break the sound barrier.

    Seriously, you don't have 100percent petro in Oz? Like BP/Mobil, the big boys?

    Because the common denominator in exotic blends is H2O, its water vapor thats robbing you of performance.
  12. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    we do have ,mobil, shell ,but not 100 octane we even have a 98 octane ethanol mix as well but i thought wise not to use because i was told that 2 stroke oil gets broken down by the ethanol ,ive just completed the 500klm run in time and am about to switch to silkolene full synthetic ester race oil and run a 25 to 1 mix or higher and if all goes well i will be replacing the carby with a 50cc chainsaw unit so i can adjust low and top end mixture with the screws ,ive had go karts heaps of dirtbikes 2 stroke and 4 stroke, turbo cars,model airoplanes,boats,and are very familiar with tuning for different applications when an engine is tuned right you have more power and better fuel economy and the engine will run happier and smoother and feel less stressed ... oops late for airport see ya in 3 weeks off to ireland.........
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  13. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    fuel enhancer

    High octane on an engine with LOW compression is a waste of money. All high octane does is prevent detonation in HIGH compression engines.(knocking, pinging etc.) When looking for a gas tank for my spoiler project at lowes, I did find this COOL product: "B'laster" lawn mower tune up spray. This sucker works!!! I just sprayed some into the gas tank of my other moto ( 70cc mountain bike) and my bike just got more ballsy as the day progressed. I think part of why it was a little uninspiring before was due to the fact I was still breaking in the motor with 6oz... weaning it from the 7oz(!!!!!!) Dacs recommonded. The engines at 400 miles so I thought it should be alright. Anyway, this stuff is user friendly! It says: "for smooth performance all season long, add 2-3oz to each gallon of fuel. Occasionally spray into carb 5 secs WITH engine running". Man, this b'laster rocks!!!:grin: I can hit that magic 40 mph with very little effort. Usually 35mph is my max speed (39t, 205 pd rider) but not anymore! Even cold, she will do 30ish without hesitation. Currently,I'm using this stuff in everthing including th' car! (says right on th' can: starts and keeps all 2-4cycle engines in tune) TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT. :cool: