Fuel tank failures

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    Can anyone advise of a slightly higher quality fuel tank than the standard one that come in the Chinese two stroke kits?
    I am on my second tank and they all seem to crack at the weld where the threaded mounting stud comes out.
    The first one I thought I may have over tightened
    The second one I mounted on the frame using a rubber pad with adhesive and put the bracket on finger tight. It still cracked and left me riding about 5 miles with fuel streaming out on to my pants leg.
    I tried to weld the first one but the metal is so thin I kept burning holes in it.
    Any help is appreciated so I can get the 'fire cracker' back on the road


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  2. BigBlue

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    How about a moped cafe style tank? They are getting pricey if you can find a decent one.


    Unfortunately, 1977s Moped doesn't have any cafe styles in stock.

    Good Luck,

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    A Moped cafe tank is a good idea. I can keep my eys open.

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    I took my time and welded all mine up !!!!! I think that's the best you can do with it !!!! Or take it to a place that does auto body work ,they could do it !!!!!