Gas and oil leaking on the engine

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    Again regarding the 80cc motobike kit.

    I've had this same problem on both of my previous bikes which were stolen where gas would leak from around the fuel line. Unlike the previous models on this one there was actually enough room to slide a very small plastic tie strap around the hose and the intake stem so I cinched one on there real tight and we'll see how it goes.

    I was thinking seriously about coating the entire join with silicone but gasoline dissolves silicone! Elsewhere I found a suggestion for a fuel line sealant which is a product called SealAll, an all-purpose contact adhesive & sealant. Found in automotive at Wal Mart. It is not affected by gasoline or oil and can be removed easily. Said to be the only household product that will withstand constant exposure to gasoline and/or brake fluid (DOT3 and DOT4).

    However, it turns out that now, in this case, I am having gas leaking from the bottom of the carburetor from where that bottom screw with the red gasket is - on the left side. Should I use SealAll or replace the gasket and screw - or is this a sign of another problem I should be concerned about?

    Any other bright ideas?

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    if gas is leaking out the bottom of the carb and the engine is hard to start then the float might be stuck down, but if its not hard to start o would just seal it up, i used loctite all over my bikes petcock and for the fuel line i used heatshrink rubber tubing, works great! the only reason that little screw is on the bottom of the carb is to drain the bowl. ive never had to drain the bown but if you are putting it away for the winter and you have seald that little screw perminantly then just close the petcock and unplug the fuel line from the carburator and ride it until it stalls, and then your carb bowl it empty!